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   Chapter 96 A Tour In The Ghost House

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Carla couldn't resist rolling her eyes. Despite being a kid Sean kept quiet in the queue and never complained, but Sherry couldn't stand it.

But she let it go anyway. She asked Sherry to come with them in the first place. Now Carla felt obliged to had to pay adequate courtesy to a princess wearing high heels to play in an amusement park.

Luckily, Noah gave her his phone number yesterday.

"Hello, Mr. Noah. This is Carla. We have arrived at the amusement park. Right now we are waiting in a queue at the entrance to get in." Carla didn't mention the intention of her call directly, but her words did render a hint.

Noah was a very smart person. Of course he figured out what she was trying to imply.

"Why didn't you call me earlier? You and your friends can wait for me at the VIP passageway. I will be there as soon as I can," said Noah via the phone.

After hanging up, Carla accompanied Sean and Princess Sherry to the VIP passageway.

Sherry took a long breath of relief after having got out of the endless line. She pulled her dress straightening it up and took out the face powder to fix her makeup which required some amelioration.


Noah walked over in front of them. "Next time you come in here, call me in advance and you won't have to wait for so long under the sun."

As he said that, he handed over some drinks and gave them to Sean, Carla and Sherry.

"Thank you," said Carla as she accepted the icy drink. She pulled Sean over to her side and introduced, "Sean, this is Mr. Noah, a friend of Sherry and I. Our tickets for this time have been given by Mr. Noah."

Sean blinked instantly and smiled at Noah. "Thank you, Mr. Noah."

Noah chuckled as he praised him for being smart, and then said, "Sean, if you could see me as your big brother and just call me Noah, I'd be happier."

Sean turned a deaf ear to him and just twisted off the cap of the bottle and started to drink.

Of course he wouldn't call him Brother.

In his heart, he had only one brother. That was Terence. He was irreplaceable for him.

If any other person want to be treated as a big brother by him, they had to at least make sure if he was in a good mood.

"Mr. Noah, how are you? You have been ignoring me so far." Sherry's eyes had never left Noah since he appeared, but he hadn't said a word to her voluntarily so far.

Noah turned to her and gave out a gentle smile after hearing her words. He reached out his hand and said, "Hello, Miss Sherry. I apologize for my rudeness. You look gorgeous today! You won't be mad at me, will you?"

Sherry gave him a shy smile and shook his hand, and t

y simaltaneously getting rid of the horrid sight.

"Don't be afraid. It is fake. Made of silicon." Noah held her by her waist and helped her get back on her feet. His calm and soothing tone reassured her.

Carla was terrified to her bones. She grabbed Noah's hand instinctively and panted with her mouth gaping wide open.

Noah knew she was terrified and he patted her on her back softly in an attempt to console her and help her regain confidence in herself.

It was the first time he was so close to her and a light scent like that of an orchid flower reached his nose. Her hair accidentally brush by his chin and made him itchy. He remained silent for while.

Noah sensed the scent of a virgin. This was something Sherry lacked. Despite being intermingled with strong scent of perfume, he could tell the difference.

Besides, Carla never got used to being touched by men. She felt uneasy even with slightest physical contact with a man, which proved his assumption.

That could also act as an extended proof to the assumption that nothing had happened so far between her and Terence.

With all these thoughts running wildly in his mind, Noah curved his lips upward slightly and the crude desire for his prey grew stronger inside him.

"It is okay now. Thank you."

Carla regained her calmness and got out of his arms hastily and stepped away to maintain a safe distance from him.

Having been pushed away by Noah just a while ago, Sherry was both furious and envious. She walked over, stared at Carla and said with a sense of disappointment, "Carla, you didn't fake it, did you? You hadn't shown a single sign of fear all the way from the entrance to here, and now you want us to believe that you're suddenly frightened to the core?"

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