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   Chapter 95 The Ostentatious Sherry

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Carla was stunned for a moment at Noah's sudden question. But after calming her nerves, she put on a smile and answered, "There is some truth in what you're asking. After all, I don't really know much about you. You are very intimidating and look very powerful. Just like a born leader. It looks like you are from a wealthy house and in charge of people's livings.

I believe that almost every woman would fear a man like you. Don't you agree?"

After finishing her words, Carla put on a naughty smile. She reached for her juice as she needed something to calm her pounding heart. But the orange juice wasn't helpful at all.

"You're right. People around me are afraid of me." Noah did a quick evaluation of himself as he had another sip of his latte. He had to admit it. Lots of people did seem to be afraid of him, even when he pretended to put across a tender image of himself.

"But I hope you don't fear me, Miss Carla. I would really like to be friends with you. If you are afraid of me, I will definitely feel frustrated,"

Noah added with a gentle smile as he looked at her.

When Carla saw Noah's friendly smile, she couldn't help but wonder, if perhaps, she was being way too nervous and wronged him.

After all, she had no reason to fear him. She didn't do anything to upset him or go against him in any way. Was it truly necessary for her to be so over cautious? He may become suspicious about her if she put up such a guard.

"Well, how about you bring your brother at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning?

Don't refuse me. Or I will be heartbroken." As he said that, Noah pulled out two tickets and lay them on the table in front of Carla.

"Miss Carla, please give me a chance to prove to you that I'm not a scary person but in fact, quite friendly. Is that okay?"

Noah looked into her eyes with sincerity and pleaded with her. She found it hard to resist his tender smile and those beautiful amber eyes.

Carla hesitated for a moment. He really had put her on the spot. She blinked and glanced down at the tickets. Carla really didn't have much of a choice but to accept his offer. After a brief moment, she came up with an idea so that she wouldn't have to be alone with Noah and said, "By the way, Sherry called me earlier and asked about you.

How about I invite Sherry to come with us, and you can have another chance to prove to me that you really are friendly? What do you think?"

Noah's eyes twinkled and he chuckled out loud. Nodding his head, he passed her another ticket.

"Is there anyone else that you might like to bring? I've got plenty of tickets," he said waving them at her with a smile.

Carla looked at the pile of tickets in his hand. She thought for a moment as Jena's grandson and Tina's nephews would love a ticket each.

However, after rethinking it, she realized it wasn't worth it. She didn't want to feel indebted to Noah just because of a few extra free tickets.

"No one else. Just the three of us," Carla replied.

She thanked Noah for the tickets and then said goodbye.

Noah watched as Carla disappeared off into the distance. His friendly smile changed back into a cold stare and he was lost in his thoughts.

Things had become more complicate

too deeply into her private life.

"No, it's not. You're over thinking it." Carla then stood up and went to Sean's bedroom door and called out, "Sean, it's time to get up!"

Sherry put her hand to her cheek and thought for a moment. Then she turned to Carla with doubt in her eyes and asked, "So, how do you know Noah? I mean, he's not just some nobody. When I went to the business party with him, everyone there showed him the utmost respect."

Carla was starting to tire and develop a headache from Sherry's relentless questions. So to finally get Sherry off her back, she explained the whole story to her, about the thief incident and how Noah had saved her.

Satisfied with Carla's explanation, Sherry finally understood and nodded her head.

She couldn't understand how someone like Carla could get to know a noble gentleman such as Noah. Even though Sherry attended upper-class parties where ever possible, she still wasn't able to meet someone like him.

Sherry was becoming impatient and restless. Even though it was still too early to go to the amusement park. She was very eager to see the charming man.

She began to urge Carla for them to leave as soon as possible. Claiming that it wasn't good for them to be late.

Carla couldn't stand to listen to her nagging anymore, so they departed shortly afterward.

The official opening day for the amusement park was Sunday. That day was deliberately chosen to attract the maximum amount of people because it wasn't a working day. There were many people already lined up at the gate, waiting to got inside.

"See, that's what I said! I told you we should have come here earlier. Look at all those people waiting in line to get inside now. It's so annoying!"

Sherry complained as she looked at the long queue in front of them and stomped her foot irritated. She held her sun hat with one hand and said, "Carla, it's too hot to stand in the queue out here in this sun all day. Why don't you make a phone call to Noah and ask him to let us go inside without waiting?" Sherry was feeling hot and bothered by the sun.

She held onto Carla's arm and begged her to call him.

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