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   Chapter 93 Don't Go On The Blind Date (Part Two)

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Ronnie lifted his head up and remarked, as they were having their meal. "I've been informed about your family's situation. If I remember correctly, I heard that your brother is quite young and still in elementary school. It truly is a pity that your parents died an untimely death, and by circumstance, the heavy burden of raising your younger brother had befallen you.

If I'm completely being honest, I do feel for you, Miss Ji. And I sincerely want to be of help to you and your dear brother. I believe we came here with similar intents, for the sole purpose of finding a suitable partner to get married to. So, why don't we just stop beating around the bush and get right down to business? What do you say, Carla?

Carla, who was in the middle of eating, almost gagged on her food and was almost gasping for air. She took a sip of water to try to clear her throat and nodded in agreement.

"So we're seeing eye to eye on this, right? Okay, I'll promptly cut to the chase," Ronnie added, seeing her give a go signal. However, even he got a bit red-faced because of that, causing him to lower his head a little. "The conditions I have aren't unreasonable, are they? If you think it's worth giving 'us' a try, then I'm sure we can work on this together.

Regarding the matter with your brother, once we finally get married someday, of course, the two of us would be raising him together. In spite of that, there's something else I have in mind, and I need to make sure we're on the same page here.

The fact of the matter is, when your brother eventually decides to get married in the future, of course, we can help him out a little bit, but, for the most part, he should be able to learn how to depend on himself by then for where they'd be residing in along wit

ourselves, we'd also be needing to move in together in our own apartment. Don't you think that your decision is a bit rash?" he asked, shifting his glasses.

If Ronnie were to have his own brother, even then, he probably wouldn't be able to just casually give a big apartment to him just like that. Everyone would rationally be putting their own needs as the highest priority.

Even though the housing prices in BH City weren't as steep as that of the other neighboring cities', an apartment with an area of a hundred and fifty square meters would easily go for higher than a million!

Carla couldn't totally hold back her laughter and chuckled, her eyes glittering with excitement.

She wasn't lying about the house, and she surely brought it up on purpose.

She didn't have time to waste discussing all of her plans for the distant future with a man she just met about half an hour ago. Who would?!

She deliberately said that she would give the house to her brother in order to set up a situation where the two of them would eventually argue about her decisions.

After that, she could just brush it off and tell Karen it didn't work out between the two of them.

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