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   Chapter 92 Don't Go On The Blind Date (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-06-04 08:39

After letting out a lengthy sigh, Carla clasped her hands behind her head, looking quite dejected and despondent. She seemed to be so out of it.

Karen eventually managed to setup two blind dates for Carla. Both of them were scheduled for Saturday, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon.

And she also made it very clear to Carla that if ever she didn't enjoy having their company, she'd just arrange more dates for her on Sunday.

Even though Carla was feeling so anxious about it, she just couldn't say no to Karen, because she knew Karen actually meant well.

Early on Saturday morning.

Carla was still at home getting dressed, preparing for her date. Whether she liked it or not, she didn't have much of a choice anyway. A girl should always look pretty on a date no matter what.

Sean, who was standing by the doorway, kept a watchful eye on her just like a spy.

"What are you doing? Have you got any plans for today? Why are you dressing up so early on a Saturday?"

Sean asked in a condescending tone, crossing his arms on his chest and watching as Carla changed her clothes twice. This just made him feel even more curious.

"Keep your nose out of this, kid. It doesn't concern you," Carla replied. After shooting him a quick glance, she immediately shifted her gaze back toward the mirror to check how she looked.

After pondering about it a little bit more, Sean was eventually able to put two and two together himself, and he pried, "Are you going on a blind date, Carla? Didn't Terence clear things up with you yesterday? Haven't the two of you gotten back together already?

How come you're still planning to go on a blind date? Why are you doing this? You've already got a boyfriend!"

Upon hearing Sean say those words, Carla looked away from the mirror and glared at Sean then yelled, "Shut up, Sean! Don't be ridiculous! He's already engaged and bound to get marri

s way, it would improve his chances of getting a second date with Carla, possibly even a third or fourth. Who knew?

Seeing how polite and chivalrous he was trying to be, Carla let out a soft chuckle. She refrained from arguing with him further and just decided to make herself at home. Besides, insisting to go fifty-fifty with the bill would just cost her more money anyway.

No one had a clue that Noah was just sitting in the private room next door, at a table where he had a clear view of Carla and Ronnie seated on the public area outside.

Upon overhearing Carla and Ronnie's conversation, he couldn't help but smirk. He focused his attention over to the person sitting opposite him and said, "I'll be staying in BH City for a while. If you have any important matters to discuss with me, you can just come and meet me here."

For as long as it was something of great value, Noah would surely be interested in getting a hold of it.

He would grab onto it with his very own hands, and little by little, he'd do whatever it took just to make it his. Only then would he be able to truly enjoy what he considered his noble undertaking of acquiring something.

"Miss Ji, since we are both searching for a life partner, forgive me if I will be straightforward with you,"

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