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   Chapter 91 A Warning From Terence (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Orange Characters: 5231

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Even though she said that she hated him, Carla couldn't deny the truth, that she felt a sense of security with him being around. It was like a natural tranquilizer.

He held her tightly the entire night until it was time or him to leave.

Stealthily, he got out of bed and quietly left early in the morning. Terence had to catch his flight back to JA City.

Carla considered what he said last night and understood it completely, but her perspective still remained the same.

The thought of him marrying another woman drove her insane. What would happen to her? The saddest part about all of this, was that she would never be with him again. Carla couldn't even go an hour without thinking about him. How would she manage a lifetime?

It was much easier for a man to break his promise than to keep it. In today's society, promises had no meaning. Why keep a promise when you could just take it back anytime you like?

The following day, she received a phone call from her friend Karen. She asked Carla if she would come to her shop after work for a visit.

At the shop, Karen poured herself a glass of water and sat opposite Carla. "How is your boyfriend doing? Strangely I haven't heard anything about him since the last time I saw you," she inquired.

Carla had been keeping to herself lately. It was good for her to catch up with a friend. Since she stopped working at the shop, they had a lot to talk about.

Karen was curious to see how she was doing and how her love life was going. They always had a strong connection and could talk ab

ed to heal first."

Karen looked as if she had been sworn at. Her eyes were as big as lemons. She glanced over at Carla and began to lecture her, "What are you waiting for? You are not going to find your prince charming sitting on the sofa watching TV and mourning your break up. Hurry up! Time waits for no man, Carla. You are beautiful, Carla! Now is the time to find a man to marry and settle down. Before you know it, you are going to be old and saggy. No man wants that, rather marry them now and then they will have no choice but to love you when your face wrinkles and your butt hangs. Find a man when you are young and attractive so they will accept your brother tagging along with you as well. Just think about it!

Alright, stop wasting time. It's decided." Karen took her phone off the table and made a call.

Before Carla could say anything, Karen had already made the decision for her. "Okay, so I have booked a place for you to meet one of them tomorrow. It's time to get back in the saddle. Carla, please be there on time!"

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