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   Chapter 90 A Warning From Terence (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5868

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Only a handful of people knew that Bonnie was adopted, one of them being Terence. It was extremely difficult to keep anything from him. He had always been exceptional at finding things out.

Carla glanced at Terence and said, "Not even the daughter of the Hua family deserves to be your wife. I don't think any woman deserves that. Terence, please let me go!" He was squeezing all the air out of Carla, making her feel like a deflated balloon.

Terence disenthralled his grip and playfully dragged her to the bed. He pulled Clara onto his lap and pinched her cute chubby cheeks.

Lovingly he turned his head to her and said, "My sweetheart, you are overanalyzing everything again. I was like that before I met you, but I have changed. I have goals now and I have a future with you to look forward to."

Carla brushed off his hand and let out a sneer. "Terence you are such a flirt and have a talent for hitting on girls. My! You are quite the package. I don't want to burst your bubble, but you are getting married soon and should be saving these words for your lovely fiancee. At the moment, your future is with her.

When you get tired of me, will you have more mistresses lined up in your room awaiting your sweet words?"

Terence frowned slightly and let out a sarcastic laugh. "You can't help but belittle me, can you?

That's fine. I'll take it. I deserve it for what I have done to you."

Terence wrapped his arms around her waist and laid her on the bed. He caressed her long soft hair and asked, "Carla, I see you have gotten pretty close to the master of the Hua family lately? Has he hurt you in any way?"

Carla became furious and pushed him away. She had no idea why he had asked that question.

She lifted her eyebrows indigna

anything bad to happen to them. She had Sean to protect as well. That was why she always stayed as far away as she could form trouble.

Terence lifted her face up and gently pressed his lips onto hers. He lay down beside her and wrapped her whole body into his to conciliate her.

"Carla, please don't let anything you hear get you down. If something upsets you, don't keep it to yourself. I will always be here for you. Call me and I will take the blame for it. If that doesn't do you justice, then I will personally fly from JA City and let you pummel me until you feel satisfied. Does that sound good to you?"

Because there were things he had to do, he had meant to separate with her for a short while, but he found he couldn't. He wanted to see her every day, every minute and every second. He needed to see her.

Terence noticed she was being awfully quiet. Carla usually liked to interrupt his babbling, but this time she didn't.

When he heard no response from her, he whispered, "Carla? You are being incredibly quiet. Are you alright?

Carla, my darling?"

Terence glanced down at her to find her sound asleep. 'She is so beautiful, ' he thought.

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