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   Chapter 88 I Love You Being Rude To Me (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6311

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"Hey Sean, I'm back."

Terence greeted Sean when he opened up the door. However, the first thing he did was looking across the room and searching for Carla. When he finally laid his eyes on the woman who sat quietly on the couch, he shifted his attention back to Terence.

"Terence! What took you so long? I missed you so much!"

Sean asked Terence. All day, Sean has been filled with never-ending jokes and judgments. But as soon as he heard Terence's voice, they all slipped away. He was so excited to see Terence and rushed to hug him. Tears ran down his cheeks as he held on tightly to Terence.

Sean might have gone through a lot but he was still like most kids. Their moods always changed, depending on the situation at that moment. And this was also why their feelings and reactions were always pure as gold.

Terence reached over to close the door and hugged Sean tightly. Terence stroked his back to calm his sobs away and spoke to Sean, "Sean, you're the only man in this house. Didn't I tell you? Real men don't cry over little things." He gave Sean a smile to comfort him.

Sean looked up at Terence and nodded. He wiped his tears away with the back of his hand while the other hand still held on to Terence. He calmed his sobs before he said, "Yes, Terence, I remember it. But, you also told me that a real man never goes back on his words! Didn't you tell me you were going to be my brother-in-law? And now, the whole world knows that you're going to marry another woman! Who can be better than my sister? There is only one Carla!

You won't go back on your words, right? Because real men don't and you always kept your promises. Don't break it with my sister this time. Please, Terence."

Sean stared into Terence's eyes with a glimmer of hope embedded in his.

Terence had never seen such a clean and pure vision in anyone else's eyes. It was like watch

earing what Carla was suggesting, he looked to Terence to rescue him. When Terence stayed silent, his face fell and he lowered his chin to his chest. He kept his eyes on the carpet and mumbled, "Terence, I need to go back to my room now."

"It's okay, Sean, good luck with your homework." Terence squeezed Sean's shoulder and smiled at him. He added, "I'll be here until tomorrow morning. If you have any question about your homework, just let me know, okay?"

Sean nodded his head and felt strengthened by Terence's offer.

Sean left and returned to his room.

"Mr. Terence, are you finished? Do you still have anything you need to say to a rude and ungracious woman like me? If you do, we can discuss it at the cafe downstairs, not here. But If you're done, then you are more than welcome to leave now."

Carla took off her apron and threw it on the floor. She didn't want him in her home, especially since she didn't want Sean got disturbed while he was studying. Most importantly, she didn't want to give him any chance to talk to her.

Terence knew exactly what Carla was doing.

Without a word, Terence grabbed Carla's hand and pulled her towards her room. Once they were inside, Terence locked the door just in case Carla would run away.

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