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   Chapter 85 Turn To Terence For Help With A Difficult Math Problem

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"Look. This is her. Isn't she beautiful?

She's free today. Can you go to pick her up if you have time? You don't have to prepare any clothes for her. She can prepare that by herself."

While speaking, Carla browsed through Sherry's profile pictures and showed them all to Noah.

Noah felt bitter looking at the pictures of which he had no interest in, but he looked up at Carla and smiled gently.

"Okay... But, Miss Carla, most women would jump at the chance of going to such an event. It could broaden your chances of meeting someone influential and possibly help you in the future. After all, it's at events like these that people meet each other and who knows, what may happen between them in the future.

Are you sure that you want to pass up such an opportunity and give it to another person?"

Carla just glanced at him and gave him a small smile.

If it was truly her desire to be rich and famous, she would have agreed to be Terence's girlfriend. Terence also happened to be the heir of the An family that was the wealthiest and most powerful family in JA City.

And if she insisted on marrying Terence, she was certain that he would agree to it. Then he would most certainly provide for her and she wouldn't have to worry about money ever again.

"Thanks for your kindness and generous offer, Mr. Noah. But there is no one to look after my brother and he would be home alone. I'm worried about leaving him by himself.

I can give you Sherry's phone number so you can ask her to go instead,"

she said, as she searched through her contact list in her cellphone and then showed the number to Noah.

Noah could tell that she had already made her mind up. So there was no point in pursuing the matter further. Instead, he wrote Sherry's phone number down.

After she got back home. Carla immediately called Sherry to remind her to be careful.

She felt a little responsible for Sherry's safety, because she was the one who suggested that Sherry go to the party, in her place.

However, what Carla didn't know was that she was just worrying too much unnecessarily.

Since Noah's target wasn't Sherry, Sherry would not be in danger.

"Carla, how do I work out this mathematical problem? I've been trying to solve it for a long time now, but I just don't know how to..."

Sean asked Carla with a baffled expression as he leaned his head hopelessly onto his hand.

Carla was sitting on the sofa watching some program on the television when Sean called out to her. She immediately got up and switched the TV off and went to help him with his homework. However, after looking at the math problem for a while, Carla had difficulty working it out as well. She frowned. "Why is math for primary school students so difficult now?

Let me think it over again."

With his chin resting in one of his hands, Sean pouted and said, "If only Terence was here. He would definitely be able to work this problem out in a jiffy and find the right answer..."

Sean had become used to turning to Terence for

e his little heart.

Sean's sobs just grew louder. He wasn't paying attention to what Carla had said at all.

Just then, Carla's phone rang in the living room where she had left it.

Carla sniffed as she wiped the tears away from her cheeks with the back of her hands and went to answer the phone.

"Don't scold Sean. He's just a kid,"

Terence said on the other end of the line. He caught sight of Carla on the video chat just before they were disconnected and she seemed furious. He was sure that she would blame Sean and be angry with him.

"Don't be angry. Sean just asked me to help him solve a math problem. That's all."

Carla was shocked for a moment when she found out that it was Terence on the phone. Then her shock turned to annoyance. She sat down on the sofa with the phone in her hand and took a deep breath in and let it out slowly.

Once she had managed to calm herself down, she responded, "Terence, this is my family matter. It's none of your business. And it's my responsibility to teach my brother to be an independent person. So don't meddle in my affairs." Her voice sounded hard and cold.

Carla didn't like to drag the relationship on with Terence. She preferred a clean break with no more ties. Besides, he was going to be engaged soon, so it was very inappropriate for them to keep contacting each other.

"I'm not engaged yet. The matter isn't how you think it is. So stop over thinking everything and coming up with your own assumptions,"

Terence remarked in a familiar and attractive voice.

When Sean made the video call to Terence, he was in the middle of having dinner at the An family's house. As soon as he saw that it was Sean, he left the dining table and answered the call.

Carla didn't respond. She just kept quiet.

After they both stayed silent for a while, Terence cleared his throat and swallowed. He wanted to say something but hesitated.

The word seemed to flash through his mind many times, and finally, he couldn't help but utter, "Babe..."

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