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   Chapter 84 It's Better To Raise A Flower Than A Cat

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"Get out right now! Don't ever come here without my permission!"

Terence suddenly exclaimed as he rested his head atop his one hand which was gracefully propped up on the table. He took a cold glance at Rainer.

Rainer, who was holding the slipper, put it back to its original place and nodded to Terence. "Yes, I'll leave now," he meekly said.

He let out a deep sigh, knowing that Terence was still in a bad mood.

Normally, even if he talked in a straightforward manner, Terence wouldn't be so angry.

Outside the window, the rain drizzled in the silent dark night, showing no signs of stopping.

Terence held a cigarette between his fingers and rested his head on his palm once again. He looked through the glass window from which lightning could be seen flashing through the dark sky, followed by a rumble of roaring thunder. The grass on the lawn was bent down by the rain again and again, and they never seemed to straighten up.

'Are they hurt?

Not really. It seems like the only way for them to grow up. Though the grass is humble and trivial, they stubbornly have a strong vitality.

After the sky clears and it stops raining, they can still hold up their head high, ' Terence contemplated.

Terence wanted to protect them from the rain, the wind, and the thunder.

He wanted to become a huge tree that would stand out in the forest to shield the grass from any natural disaster that would come their way.

No matter where the grass would take its root, the tree could always reach out to them, letting them enjoy the nourishment of the sun and the shade of the tree.

He could even cultivate them into precious orchids.

As everyone knew, orchids looked like grass when they were small. After growing up, orchids would be white and tender as innocent and elegant as girls, deeply loved and respected by people.

The cigarette had burned up to the end but Terence didn't smoke one huff, so he simply put it out. A smile began to emerge on his handsome face as if he had finally figured out something. His deep dark eyes glittered like stars resided on them.

'Since she doesn't want to be a cat, then let her be a flower. Though it's undoubtedly harder to raise a flower, it's her wish after all and I totally don't mind, ' contemplated Terence.

In the busy streets of BH City, a car was parking by the street.

"Sir, you're being soft-hearted. Yesterday

could be brave about but...

she was worried about her own safety.

She had no idea what his intentions were by approaching her.

He was different from Terence. Terence would never hurt her, no matter how he treated everyone else.

How could she trust a man whom she had only seen several times?

"Mr. Noah, how about this? I have a friend who often goes to such occasions. She's pretty and experienced with these sort of things. She'll be a good date. I'll call her..."

Carla was just reminded of her friend Sherry Chen. Sherry liked to show up in celebrity parties and was really well-versed with socializing.

"Miss Cala..." Noah tried to stop her.

But she was already making the phone call before he could say anything further.

"Sherry, it's me, Carla. I have a friend who needs to attend a dinner party, but he needs a date to go with him. Are you available tonight?" Carla excitedly asked.

Sherry Chen was her classmate at university. Right now, she was working in a big corporation and would go to different kinds of parties dressed in designers' brands.

"Yes! Of course! I'll be there. Where is the address? Is there a car picking me up? If not, it's okay. I can go by myself," Sherry went on quickly with the details. Hearing a dinner party, Sherry's eyes were immediately radiant with glow.

"About the car, I'll ask him about it and try to get it for you. I'm so glad that you can come. I'll call you later," Carla happily replied.

After she ended the phone call, Carla looked for one of Sherry's selfies on her social media and cheerfully showed it to Noah.

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