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   Chapter 83 Installing The Cameras (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7979

Updated: 2019-06-01 00:40

Terence fervently watched the woman on his laptop as he listened to the tune she was singing. Everything sounded clear that it was quite impressive. Yeah, there was just no way she'd ever think that a camera was set in her bedroom and hidden cameras these days recorded sounds.

'Oh, my God, you ungrateful woman!' Terence couldn't help himself from springing up and swearing in a fit of rage as he peered upon her through the screen. The woman's face wasn't showing any signs of worry or distress in spite of all the things he had done for her.

'Has she already forgotten everything about a man called Terence after having dinner with that Noah guy for just once?!' Rage began welling up inside him, and it was already starting to show through his eyes.

Terence clenched his teeth upon seeing Carla leisurely relaxing on her bed, about to doze off. 'She had got the audacity to even sing?'

His chest got filled up with so much jealousy as he started visualizing Carla and Noah having some fancy dinner together. He was also upsetting at the same time that he could feel his veins were about to burst.

Just when he was about to lose it, the woman on the screen suddenly sat up from her bed. It took almost all of his strength just to control his anger and force himself to sit back down on the chair, extremely eager to discover what this woman would be up to next. Fixing his eyes on the target, he tried his best to just patiently watch as the woman kept on tossing and turning all over the bed. On the other side of the monitor, actually, Carla just felt an itch on her back so she pulled up her pajamas a little. However, it wasn't of much help at all. After that, she reached out her uninjured arm toward her back and scratched but to no avail. Still feeling so itchy, she straight up took her pajamas off just below her waist and continued scratching even much more vigorously, and she just kept on doing that until she got satisfied. Then, finally, she fixed herself up, put her pajamas on, and rolled over into the quilt.

She had no idea that all of it was being carefully tediously observed through the camera under the guise of the new "light bulb" which the inspector had just replaced for her. And another thing, she also wasn't aware that Terence was watching her every move clearly from the opposite side of the camera. On any typical day, who would be cautious a

en waiting for him to wrap up what he wanted to say, Terence shot him an intense glare. If his eyes were guns, Rainer would've surely been dead by now after getting shot more than a thousand times.

'If only I had a better way to see her with my very own eyes to make sure that she's safe and sound, then there's no way I would've ever stooped so low and done this. I had no other choice. This is my last resort.' Intensely screaming deep inside, Terence wanted to kill Rainer with his cold stare.

Being fully aware that Terence had been so pissed off, Rainer got rid of his smile and quickly attempted to butter him up by saying, "Um... I sincerely apologize, sir. I didn't know what I was saying just now. Let me rephrase it for you. Eh.. Eh.. It should be a privilege for Miss Carla to be watched over by you. What could she have possibly done in her previous life to deserve this honor? Save the whole universe? Also, watching over the place is your way of taking care of them. These cameras can detect anything, so that means you would be able to prevent another fire or other dangerous things from happening again.

It's an enlightening experience for us to see your flawless judgment. I'm so deeply impressed by what you're willing to do for them. Serving you is such an honor, sir!"

Rainer did all that he could just to resist his urge to laugh as he was spouting all of that nonsense, then he gazed at Terence, trying to check if his anger had been squelched. When his eyes met Terence's, the man sitting on the chair took off his slipper and threw it straight to his face.

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