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   Chapter 80 On The Verge Of Death Without Knowing It

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Changdu Characters: 8634

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The restaurant seemed to be packed with guests. Luckily for her, it was not a weekend and Carla was told that there was one private room remaining. Since she rated it as being good enough, she booked it without hesitation. Soon they arrived at the restaurant and were led into the private room.

"Mr. Noah, please feel free to order anything that suits your liking,"

said Carla, pressing her fingernails deeply into the skin of her leg under the table when she alarmingly noticed the prices on the menu. Her heart wrenched.

Noah was amused to watch her pretending to be generous while her attempts to conceal the pain in her heart was failing miserably. She reminded him of a cute little fox trying hard to hide its disproportionately large tail.

"Okay, thank you for your hospitality," said Noah. He took up the menu and quickly scanned the golden letters on the black paper. He quickly ordered a few dishes.

Every time he uttered the name of a dish, Carla's eyes frantically searched the menu to calculate the total. One thousand, two thousand, three thousand…

Noah was from a financially sound family. Of course, he ordered the most tasty and expensive dishes.

"That is all. Miss Carla, take a peep and choose your dishes, will you?" Noah asked politely. He knew very well that she couldn't afford to order anything else after his order.

Hence, he had already ordered food and deserts enough for both of them.

"No, thanks. I think you have ordered enough for both of us. It would be a waste to order even more." Carla waved her hand hastily and returned the menu back to the waiter.

Noah reckoned that she never came to this kind of place from her frugal manners and he suddenly felt pity for her.

As the only daughter of the Hua family, she should have lived an extravagant life with luxurious clothes and tasty food. But look at her, she was struggling to afford one fancy meal.

Bonnie was only the adopted daughter of the Hua family, but the money she paid to get her hair styled, would probably be enough for Carla to live for a year.

"Wow, the food tastes really good. No wonder it is the most expensive restaurant in BH City." Carla enjoyed the food and appraised whole-heartedly.

She wasn't a picky person on food but she could still tell that the food was really good. So this place actually deserved its reputation.

Noah took a small cut of the steak and chewed it slowly. After he swallowed it, he commented unhurriedly," Right, not bad. The steak is fresh enough, and is from Japan, but it is not the real Kobe beef. It tastes ju

and terrified.

He had never been so soft. At this moment, he hated himself for being indecisive and rather confused.

"What's wrong, Mr. Noah? Maybe you can let me get off here. I don't want to get in the way of your work and disturb you," Carla spoke when she saw he was unhappy, absolutely ignorant this man's real sinister agenda.

'It'd be better if he doesn't delay his work in order to drop me back home.'

"Miss Carla, do you think I look like a nice and decent person?" Noah asked abruptly.

Carla laughed as an initial reaction to his question. And then she started to observe him carefully and asked, "Why do you ask this question? You are refined and graceful in your etiquettes and manners. You should be from a very wealthy and honorable family.

Moreover, it was a noble and brave act by you when you saved me. I am really grateful for your kindness. Of course, you are a nice and decent person."

Hearing her compliment, Noah gave out a laughter, perhaps mocking her innocence, or out of guilt.

"Miss Carla, you do realize that it isn't right to judge a book by it's cover, don't you? By the way, do you have any family members around?" He asked deliberately.

He had already dug into her background and understood it cautiously. He simply asked like a stranger, in case he spilled off some information about her accidentally. He had to be more careful and discreet.

"Oh, right. Mr. Noah, could you please drive faster? I forgot I have left my brother alone at home. He probably hasn't had dinner yet."

Carla nodded her head regretfully, blaming herself for forgetting about Sean entirely.

'Poor Sean, he probably is starving. How could I forget about my dear brother entirely?'

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