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   Chapter 79 He Was Getting Engaged

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It made Terence swallow what he intended to say, quickly.

'Only for you, Carla, ' Terence thought to himself.

He wasn't always a man of his word. He would make random promises to others when he had to, yet whether he would keep them was another completely different matter.

But he meant every word he had said to Carla. He said he loved her and he would protect her and Sean, and he would no matter what. There was no way he would ever let her leave him.

"Take good care of yourself. By the way, I will send you an invitation when I get engaged. Because you saved my life. But you don't need to come with gifts. I understand your situation,"

Terence said slowly and with difficulty in his low and deep voice. But it was difficult to tell what his true feelings were without listening carefully.

Carla was angry when he finally admitted that he would take another woman. And now, he said that he would send her an invitation card to his engagement party. He even implied that she couldn't afford the gifts guest would give the couple, which made her even angrier.

"Gifts? Damn you, Terence! Go to hell! I never want to see you again!"

she blurted out an angry curse.

Terence smiled silently to himself. But there was not a single hint of delight in his eyes.

"How rude! You are such an ungracious woman. You're only worthy enough to be married to a lowlife, such as a peasant or a laborer.

I'm going to hang up now. I have told you all you need to know. There is nothing more to say to you."

Terence hung up the phone. The very moment he put the phone down, a pair of delicate hands with purple nail polish snaked their way around his waist and hugged him. "Terence, it's late. Why don't you go to bed? Be careful or you will catch a cold. It's freezing here on the rooftop at night."

Terence looked down at the pair of delicate hands. Carla's skin were also very fair, but she never wore nail polish.

She always cooked for her brother with that pair of fair hands, even though it wasn't delicious.

She did what she wanted to do, without beating around the bush.

Carla was infuriated when Terence hung up on her.

She threw the phone on to the bed angrily. She wished she were an eagle and could fly over to JA City to scratch Terence with her talons until he was all bloodied. With both hands clenched into fists, she yelled out, "Ungracious? Me? Ha, Ridiculous!

How dare you, Terence! I'm the ungracious one now, huh? If I had been so ungracious, I would not have saved your life in the first place! Casting me aside now just so you can be with another woman? Shame on you Terence! You're the ungrateful one here! And what? I can only marry a lowly peasant, huh? Then why did you have to keep pestering me, since I'm certainly not good enough for a noble master like you?"

Carla squeezed and kneaded the quilt irritably while s

thing was still there.

She had only a small amount of cash in the bag at the time. She was most concerned about those import documents and was greatly relieved to find them all there.

"Mr. Noah?

You're still here. Can I invite you to dinner?

To thank you for saving my life,"

Carla said when she walked out the police station and saw Noah. He was standing next to a black Land Rover outside the police station and had just finished a telephone conversation. He looked up at her as he tucked his cellphone away.

"Well, I don't have a place in mind, for dinner. Since you're from BH City, Miss Carla, you would know where all the delicious food is,"

Noah said with a friendly smile. He had accepted her offer.

Just moments before Carla had arrived, someone had called Noah on the phone. It was to tell him that the test results had confirmed, without any doubt, that Carla was the daughter of the Hua family. She was somehow lost many years ago.

Indeed, she was the only daughter.

Andrea had never had another child since Carla's birth. Allen Hua later had to adopted three sons and a daughter.

But this was a well-hidden secret of the Hua family. Almost no outsider knew anything of it.

"Well, I'd like to treat you to dinner today. Just give me a moment. I'll see if there are any seats available," Carla pulled out her cell phone. It was the least that she could do. To treat Noah to dinner, given that he had saved her life.

Even though she wouldn't usually go to fancy expensive restaurants, this occasion shouldn't be skimped on.

Carla started to search for the most luxurious restaurants in BH City on the Internet. After finding the customer service number of one, she dialed the number.

Whilst Carla was on the phone inquiring about seat reservations for them, she didn't notice

the cruel intent behind the eyes of the man that she was about to have dinner with.

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