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   Chapter 77 My Shoulder Is All Yours! (Part One)

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From the look on Sean's face, Carla could easily tell that he was about to cry. She sat beside him and gently rubbed his back to comfort him. Of course, she knew he wouldn't be able to accept it so easily once he found out, but it was still hard for Carla to see his brother looking so down. She then asked him, "You heard from Rainer that Terence is about to get engaged to another woman, right?"

In an instant, Sean raised his head and stared at Carla. Looking quite surprised, he blurted out, "Wait, what? You knew about it? When did you find out?!"

Sean's nose was stuffed up and a little runny so he sniffed and explained to her, "Rainer wasn't really planning to tell me about it, but I overheard some people in the background having a conversation about Terence's engagement with someone. So, when I asked Rainer, he had no other choice but to tell me the truth.

Rainier knew that I might let it slip so that he asked me to try not to think about it too much. And, he also asked me to make sure not to tell you..."

Sean had always pictured Terence as his future brother-in-law from the time they had been together. How could he possibly remain calm knowing that Terence was bound to married someone other than his own sister? After all, he was still a child and a child would never lie. So Sean decided to be honest and tell Carla about the news. He thought there must have been some mistakes.

Carla had been contemplating the news an awful lot. However, she thought that everything just went off so smoothly without as much as a hitch that it almost seemed like all of it had been carefully planned out by someone. It was particularly because she had just recently come to accept Terence in her life to see where it might lead them to. For that reason, her hunch was telling her something was up.

'It was just a simple fender bender, so Terence got off with just a few minor injuries. Then, this woman from the Hua family just happened to coincidentally pass him by exactly when the accident took place. Shouldn't she be somewhere fancy sipping tea with her besties?' Carla's thoughts went out of control.

Even though Terence had not yet recovered then, news of the engagement had already been made public. Carla wasn't able to string it all together until

she recalled that Rainer had ad

at least, for the time being, everything would just go back to how they used to be.

"Is that what you honestly think, Carla?" The truth suddenly hit Sean in the face. He was finally able to understand why Carla had been so reluctant to let him call Terence his brother-in-law. She knew fully well that the day would surely come when awful things like this would befall them.

Little did he know, she wasn't telling the truth. It was completely far from it.

"Carla, if you really think so, then I am totally on your side! I wish I can grow up sooner so that I can get to work my ass off and earn tons of money! By the time all of it finally comes true, I'll make sure to give you the perfect wedding, so we can prove to everyone who doubted us that they are less worthy of us than they make themselves out to be!"

That resentful speech was made by a ten-year-old Sean. In his heart, he promised himself that one day, he would come on top and become the strongest sword and shield for his sister. 'No one should dare looking down upon us anymore!' he yelled with conviction from within his distant dream, his thoughts running wild.

Carla was surprised upon hearing those words from him. All she could think about right now was how grateful she was for having such a brother who would never ever leave her alone. Filled with so much warmth and delight, Carla had to give the best of her strength to try not to cry. Instead, she smiled at Sean as she stretched out her arm toward his head and gently planted a kiss on his forehead.

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