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   Chapter 76 Carla Was In Pain

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Changdu Characters: 9931

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Carla turned around and almost jumped out of her skin at the sight of the man with strawberry blonde hair. Something suddenly caught her eyes as she glanced down to find that he was holding a dagger in his hand. 'I suppose it is better to get mugged and lose everything you have, rather than losing your life, ' she thought.

Carla looked at him and asked herself, 'Why am I still standing here?' She immediately turned around and started to run as fast as she could.

He saw Carla running and became furious. He wasn't going to let her go that easily. The man tried to run after her but he knew she was too far ahead to catch. He threw the dagger straight for her back.

A young woman walked past and saw the man throw a dagger at Carla. The passerby wanted to help her but knew he would go for her as well. Doing the best she could to help, she called the police.

Carla jumped to the side and successfully dodged the dagger the man threw at her.

He realized he missed. Then the man reached for another dagger and threw it at her, this time injuring Carla.

She saw the dagger coming towards her face at a rapid pace. Carla's instincts kicked in and she lifted her hand to guard herself. Feeling an instant pain, she glanced down to find the dagger had sliced through her hand.

Carla screamed out in pain, "Ouch!"

In pain and exhausted from running, she had no more energy to dodge the daggers. Carla was beginning to give up hope and give in.

The man saw she was exhausted and knew that the advantage was on his side. He lifted another dagger into the air and was about the throw it one last time.

Before the man could throw the dagger into the air, he felt a powerful kick to the back from a man behind him and fell to the floor. The passersby that were watching this whole scene unravel immediately came to restrain the man.

The man that saved Carla's life ran to her aid.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

Carla froze for a second when she saw him. He seemed to look familiar.

He was looking at her with gentle eyes that showed concern. This man had a muscular body and broad shoulders. His bright eyes and distinctive jawline made him so handsome. Looking at him was like seeing the sun start to shine on a cold day.

Carla looked down at her open wound on her hand.

"I'm fine. The cut is not that deep," she responded.

It finally occurred to her that he was the man she met at the hotel that day. As he came closer, her heart felt like it was going to beat out of her chest.

In fact, any girl would feel this way if a man of his structure would even look their way.

The man moved closer and said, "Let me see." He gently lifted her hand to see how badly injured it was.

The man looked at her wound and frowned, "This cut is quite deep. How about I drive you to the hospital to get it checked and cleaned up? My car is nearby."

He bent down and picked up a box of gastric medicine. He must have dropped

that nothing serious happened to his sister.

"Isn't it weird that it was first me and now it's you that got hurt? What is happening to us, Carla? I got spotted by traffickers when I went to school and you got hurt when you went to work!"

Sean's eyes widened and he continued, "It must be a sign! Carla, how about we go to JA City and stay with Terence? He has a numerous amount of bodyguards to protect us. We will be safe there."

Carla was sitting on the couch and drinking water. Her face turned pale and she almost spat the water out of her mouth when she heard Sean mention Terence.

Carla looked at him and sighed, "Sean, people have their own lives. Bodyguards can't always protect you. When a crucial moment comes our way, we still have to rely on ourselves."

The president of the country could also be attacked, not to mention, even an ordinary person like herself. There was danger everywhere and there were many ways for criminals to outsmart a bodyguard.

But fortunately, for her, it was only a minor wound.

Carla went to the room for a little while to get some rest. She forgot her glass of water in the living room and went back to fetch it. When she went into the room, she saw Sean quietly talking to someone on the phone.

Assuming that it was Terence he was talking to, Carla grabbed the phone out of his hand.

She was furious and yelled, "Sean, I told you before! Don't call Terence all the time. He is a busy man. He will come and see you when he is free. Stop hassling him."

Sean saw how angry Carla was. "No, I didn't call Terence, Carla.

It's Rainer," he said with an aggrieved look on his face.

Hearing it was Rainer, Carla took a glance at the phone on the table and questioned Sean, "Yeah? Do you know that Rainer is Terence's assistant? You call Rainer, and he will tell Terence."

Sean looked up at her with tears in his eyes and said, "But Carla, Rainer just told me something. I'm not sure if I should tell you."

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