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   Chapter 75 Encounter A Thief (Part Two)

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"Yes," Carla replied, as the memories of the last time they had a fight before he left her house started flooding her thoughts.

Throughout all of those times they had been together, he had always been nice to her, treating her very well. But still, she always thought that was just because he was only feeling grateful toward her for rescuing him that one time when she found him on the street.

Now, here came another woman who had just done the exact same thing Carla did before for him. She saved his life and she was now even taking good care of him, so Carla was in deep fervent thought, under the notion that she herself had just now ceased from being the only special girl in his eyes.

"I'm glad that you're doing fine. Do you have something else in your mind that you wanted to talk to me about? If not, then I'll hang up the phone now. I'll make sure to pay the two of you a visit as soon as I get fully recovered," Terence remarked in a calm demeanor.

"Wait just a second." As she finally found the determination to ask him about the rumors regarding his engagement, Carla accidentally bit her tongue a little. Ever since she heard the news from Violet, she had been feeling unusually uneasy, desperate and dying to know what all of those things meant. If she didn't take this chance to ask him about the real situation, she wouldn't be able to get rid of her restlessness.

"What's wrong? What do you want to talk about?" Terence asked, pressing his index finger onto his lips, gesturing toward Nathan, who had just walked into the room as they were talking, trying to tell him not to say a word and keep quiet.

By sheer coincidence, a couple passing by suddenly caught Carla's attention. The two of them were quarreling for some reason or another. This caused her to shift her gaze toward the ground, looking as if her eyes had been glued to it.

"Someone has just told me the news that you are bound to get engaged. I'm just a little curious. Is that true?" Gasping for a little bit of air, she carried on saying, "If it really is true, I want you to tell me. Don't try to even lie to me or hide the truth from me. I promise I'm not going to hate you for it or whatever. You got that?"

For a moment there, Terence ju

m going after their partner.

"Get away! You go step aside!"

Carla screamed impatiently upon realizing that the thief who had snatched her bag was about to escape and leave out of her sight. Knowing full well that her bag contained some important things she didn't want to lose, she thought that she had to try her best to stop that man from escaping and going away with it.

"What did you just say to me? You're asking me to move away? For what reason do I have to do that?"

the young man shouted back with a voice filled with so much arrogance.

Carla guessed that the arrogant prick must be conspiring with the thief, so she didn't have to hold back and pushed him aside. There was no way she'd just simply let those low-lives get what they wanted.

In the past, when she was still a student, she was so intimidating that no one dared to get on her nerves. Although she became a little gentler and more restrained now, she remained as a person who wouldn't let herself just be pushed around or bullied so easily.

The young man wasn't expecting her to have the audacity nor the strength to push him. Due to this, he actually almost got hit by a car that happened to be passing by.

"Bah!" the young man blurted out furiously, after which he pulled a glistening, sharp knife out of his pocket, with the intent of stabbing her out of anger.

"You bitch! Think you can just go around pushing me?" ...

After shouting those words out loud, the young man quickly ran toward her.

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