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   Chapter 73 The Engagement (Part Two)

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She frequently went out with her friends and almost every one of them had slept with each other or with other people when they were in a relationship. Carla didn't feel comfortable hearing about those things.

A relationship relying on sex was not something she wanted. For her, it's simply not stable in the long run. She wanted her man to take her because of their love, not for something other than that.

Terence's blood calmed down a little bit when she started to get serious on the topic. He supported his head by his hand and smiled at her. Tenderly, he told her, "Carla, I have my full respect to your mother for she raised you in a very special way. Don't get me wrong. It's good. I do admit that there are jerks everywhere who play with women and dump them after they took advantage of them. However, you can't put all men in that category. Although sleeping with each other before marriage is a little bit risky, it's just another way of getting to know each other or expressing your love to the other person. There are also a lot of people out there who decided to get married before sharing a bed and then hated each other in the marriage because they weren't compatible in the bedroom. My point is, as long as love exists, having or not having sex shouldn't matter that much."

"Oh, really? Then how does someone know that their love is genuine? How can a woman be sure that a man isn't using words just to get into her pants?"

Carla looked directly into his eyes and threw the words at him.

It was true that she hadn't have any experience with men because she didn't want to. But all she needed to do was to look around at her friends and learn from their stories.

Most of them became blind with their relationship and did a lot of things simply because society deemed it normal. They accepted it naturally and not one of them ever questioned whether it was right or wrong.

Terence furrowed his eyebrows and gazed at her face. He knew that she had made up her mind not to do it until she was ready. But, he was a fighter who would never quit so easily.

He mumbled to her ear softly, "Carla, does that mean you won't allow me to touch you until we get married?

Even if I'm tormented and struggling every day with the desire of having you? You won't abandon your beliefs and stand solid with your virginity?"

Carla sat up from the bed and stared right into his eyes. She asked, "Do I have to sleep with you to be your girlfriend? If I won't let you touch me, does that make me any less of a person

her mind so that Terence could know her better. However, he did trigger her by hinting that he would look for someone else to "deal with his desires." Her head was in a mess right now.

Soon after, she regained her senses and assisted Sean in getting ready for school. The driver had been waiting for him.

After changing her outfit and putting on some light makeup, Carla also left the house for work.

On her way to the office, she wondered when would Terence come to BH City next time, since he doesn't come here on a regular basis. Last time she saw him was about 2 weeks ago.

Luckily, she had Violet as her informer in JA City and she could hear from Violet what was Terence up to even if she was in a different city from him.

Violet always called her up and gossiped the recent news about the "golden bachelor" of the Ans.

And as if on cue, her phone rang right after she got off work.

She answered the phone and Violet's voice rushed in her ear.

"Carla, tell me what's going on between you and Terence? Is everything going well these days? Or did you guys break up already?"

Carla could feel her tension through the line.

She was walking towards the supermarket and thinking of what to buy for dinner so she couldn't comprehend Violet's inquiries immediately. She answered casually, "Violet, hey. What could you possibly mean?"

Violet replied hastily, "What do you mean what could I possibly mean? Don't you know that the youngest son of the An Family is going to be engaged with some unknown woman? Wait! You REALLY didn't know anything?"

Violet almost dropped her jaw when she realized that Carla had absolutely no idea about the shocking news.

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