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   Chapter 72 The Engagement (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8245

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The last time Terence was in BH City, he was so close to having sex with her. Now that she was in his arms again, and they were both lying in her bed, Terence felt he was turned on.

He still remembered how bitter and wronged he felt last time she refused him.

He felt like she was a glorious meal that had been served in a plate and placed right in front of him. An inch away and he would eat her alive. But the plate had an invisible cover that prevented him from touching her.

Or maybe, he just wanted the cover to open up itself rather than opening it by force.

"Carla? Were you asleep?" Terence tried to call her again to test if she had really fallen asleep.

He waited and waited but there was no response.

Carla fell into her dreams as soon as her skin touched the bed. She had been having a hard time falling asleep lately until tonight. Though she was completely relaxed, her arms still covered her body as a gesture of protecting herself. Terence, on the other side of the bed, could clearly hear her rhythmic breathing.

He tried, with all his strength, to suppress the desire coming from between his legs. He breathed heavily and reached over to her earlobe, giving it a soft yet vengeful bite suddenly. The woman had already fallen in deep sleep and had no idea what the man lying beside her was going through. Feeling uncomfortable and dejected, Terence returned to his side of the bed and forced himself to sleep.

Around six o'clock the next morning, Carla was woken up from her dreams by a loud noise coming from the living room.

"Terence! You told me last night that I'd still see you when I wake up in the morning! Yey! You're really here! Tell me, tell me! Do you know any kind of magic or something? Like Harry Potter?! You know like when you cast a spell and you'll just show up in front of people! That is so cool!"

Sean laughed out aloud like it was Christmas morning. He curled up onto Terence's arm like a Koala and screamed with excitement.

"Of course I know magic. You know what? I know every kind of magic in the world. If you don't believe me, see it for yourself on the bookshelf in your room!"

Terence claimed with confidence and patted Sean's shoulder. He noticed that Sean had grown taller. The kid's height barely reached his belly button when they first met and now, Sean was almost towering his chest.

Sean couldn't believe what he just heard and suddenly dropped himself down to the floor,

to create a short distance from him. She then lied face-down on the bed, just in case his hands decided to invade her.

Carla turned her head to Terence and tenderly explained, "Terence, I told you once and I'll say it again for you. My family has been very strict on me. Before my mom passed away, she told me over and over again to keep myself safe from various men out there."

Marian—Carla's mother—was very familiar with the woes of society so she was extremely prudent in her way of educating Carla. Because of this, Carla inherited her mom's cautiousness.

She knew that she might be seen as weird. However, she couldn't care less about other people's opinion. Moreover, she had never been in a relationship before. When she entered a relationship with someone, she wanted it to be serious. She wanted it to be with the right man, with someone that she could see herself marrying in the future. She wanted to do it in the right place at the right time as well. Apparently, Terence hasn't met her expectations quite yet.

"I know that society has changed drastically over the years. People are now more liberated and open-minded with their beliefs. It's completely normal for them to just randomly find someone and you know, start relationships, fall in love, even do 'it'. But... relationships are messy and someone always gets hurt. In many cases, good people have a higher chance, especially women," she smothered a sigh and slowly uttered.

For her, saving her virginity wasn't just because of her upbringing but also for the promise she made to herself. She promised to save it for her husband on the day of their wedding.

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