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   Chapter 71 What I Want Is Always You

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9952

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Before she could reply, Terence leaned down and kissed her on the lips. It was only meant to be a small kiss, but when their lips met, his lips took a mind of its own. He had not seen her in two weeks and his body wanted more than just her lips.

Carla stopped talking and tried to stay as silent as she could. If she made any amount of sound, even the tiniest one, she was afraid he might mistake it for her wanting more. Terence might have only wanted to brush his hand with hers but now, he gave more than that with his kiss and caress. What a mistake!

"What is on your mind? Shall we have some dinner now? I can't stay long. I'm leaving again tomorrow morning. So you have to stay with me after dinner!" Terence finally broke his embrace around Carla. He filled her plate with food and filled a bowl of porridge for her.

Carla sat down to eat and savor her food. As she took another bite, she asked Terence, "Why do you have a key to my home?"

Terence sat across Carla, about to enjoy the last spoonful of porridge in his bowl, when she asked him the question. He placed the bowl on the table and faced Carla before he answered, "This is 'our' home, Carla. Of course I have a key! Why didn't you tell me earlier that you were going to move while I was gone? I would have returned earlier to help you move and spend more time with you."

He wouldn't have known about the move if Sean hadn't called and told him.

Carla laughed at herself for asking such a silly question. Of course Terence had a key! He was the one who chose this house for them. She owed him this favor.

When they finished eating, Carla stood to clear the table and clean the dishes. But Terence stopped her and took the plates from her. He was going to wash the dishes this morning.

Terence continued to clean the kitchen after he finished with the dishes. Carla watched this tall figure move around inside the small kitchen. He had been born into a well-off family but his feelings for her had never changed.

She just imagined how it was like in his own home. Terence lived in a sea view villa, surrounded by dozens of house help staff and bodyguards. He was never alone. He never needed to do anything at his home. And yet, here he was, humming while he cleaned the kitchen in her small home.

"What's on your mind?"

While she was imagining his home life, Terence had already finished and exited the kitchen to join her. He wiped his slightly damp hands in a kitchen towel and draped it on the dining chair. He wrinkled his forehead while he stared at Carla and asked, "Why do you have those dark circles under your eyes? Have you been having trouble sleeping?"

Carla didn't exactly know what her problem was these days. All she knew was she had trouble sleeping at night and was still up way past midnight.

"Is it your work? You can always look for an easier job. Or just resign. Stay here. I can take care of you, support you. I just don't want to see you suffer or get sick,

u can find out where the ring is from, I'll share the money with you, 80-20. 20% is yours."

"You are really such a tightwad, Carla! But, I don't need the money. I'm not here to take even a single penny from you!" Terence did not want Carla's proposal. He had his own. He smiled at her, as genuine as a smile could be.

"What I want has always been clear and has never changed. You're the one I've always wanted. Give yourself to me and I will help you with this ring."

Carla waited for him to finish before she scratched his foot. "Ow!" Terence screamed in pain. He rubbed his foot and argued, "Were you a cat in your previous life, Carla? Why did always you scratch me?"

"A cat? Of course not! Cats are too mild!" Carla joked. She yawned and returned to her bed to get away from Terence.

Carla did like cats, even though she was too busy to take care of one.

When she realized Terence had no intention of leaving, she sat down on a chair again, away from the bed. She didn't want to give him any indication that she wanted him to do more than touch her.

Terence watched Carla's every movement and knew exactly what she had in mind. But she forgot that Terence controlled everything, not her. And he wasn't staying in any other room tonight.

He might have took another room and even put his belongs there but only to mislead Carla.

"Oh yes. I highly agree with you. Because you are never a mild one!" Terence grinned. He strode towards her and picked her up in his arms from the chair and towards the bed.

Carla tried to stop him but was only successful in kicking the chair. She kept fighting him off but the next thing she knew, he had dropped her on the bed.

Terence joined her on the bed and wrapped her in his arms tightly before she could protest. He covered them with a blanket and turned off the lamp by the bed.

"You know, Carla, we are both adults here. How long do you really want me to stay celibate?" Terence whispered heavily in her ear.

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