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   Chapter 70 When Your Girl Was Moving, Brighten Up Her Day! (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7551

Updated: 2019-05-28 05:07

Sean who had ended the call before Carla could eavesdrop on anything, crammed the dessert into his mouth before it reached room temperature. He looked back at her with a mysterious smile," Sis, you're acting weird again! I was calling Terence, not some random girl at school! He has been gone for half a month. I miss him. Don't you miss him? I wish he could come here and help us move."

The name Terence tapped at her heart. Carla wanted to say something but she just numbly consumed her yogurt out of a straw. The TV was on and that was just the kind of distraction she needed.

It was not right of her to ask Terence for help with such a minor problem like moving houses. That was not her way of doing things—playing the role of the weaker sex.

She didn't even tell him that they were moving this Saturday. She knew Terence. She knew that he would give up or cancel something really important to come and help her. She would feel guilty if he did that, although she did feel a little sad about not being able to have him right there.

Sean sensed that his big sister was in one of her somber and detached moods today, so he decided to keep her company. But after a while, little Sean could hardly keep his eyes open. More minutes passed and Sean grew tired of being a considerate gentleman and went back to his room to sleep. Now, Carla was all alone in the living room, just staring at the television. She wasn't really interested in the shows. She didn't even know what was playing on it.

She wanted to end the day as well, to enjoy a night of sweet and sound sleep. But she knew all she could do was lie awake. Besides, she was getting hungrier and hungrier.

'This is impossible! I just finished that yogurt!' Carla thought while touching her stomach which rumbled even more. 'Hey! Stop yelling at me! I'm full!' She eventually gave up and opened a large bowl of instant noodles. She poured hot water and submerged the noodles.

Then she added the spicy beef-flavored seasoning and sausages. So yummy! There it was, Carla's signature dish: Spicy Sausage Ramen Noodles! "Divine!" Carla mumbled through a mouthful of noodles as she took another bite of the homemade sausage.

As she was reaching out for a glass of juice to wash the food dow

can love. Do you understand what I mean? I heard that if you lose weight, that's where it leaves first."

His eyes fell on her breasts. And just like that, the atmosphere turned from purely romantic to that of a little steamy. In a second, Terence turned Carla around and was hugging her from the back. His arms circled her waist while his face found its place at the nape of her neck. His hands roamed upwards to her breasts and slowly caressed them.

Carla felt her skin was getting warmer and warmer by the second. She stretched her neck to the other side to give Terence more access as he started to nose her neck. With the sensations being given to her body, she couldn't help but released a soft moan. 'Thank God Rainer and Nathan are not here to see us like this, ' Carla thought. She was getting lost in pleasure until her mind snapped back when she felt him trying to unclasp her bra. "Hey! Stop it! Terence you shameless man! I know you're up to something! No wonder you're willing to cook this dinner for me!" Carla yelled at him as she tried to free herself from his arms.

He smiled and looked at her as if he was saying, 'Didn't you like it? Why did you stop me?' She bit her lip and stared back at him.

He laughed," I thought you would like it. Don't you like it? I like it. Or maybe you prefer it when I just stare at them? Or maybe... Are you worried about being flat-chested? Don't be. I've checked. They're perfect,"

Terence said, his eyes falling on her pink, tender lips.

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