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   Chapter 69 When Your Girl Was Moving, Brighten Up Her Day! (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7085

Updated: 2019-05-28 00:02

For the past few days, Carla had a lot on her plate. She went to work from Monday to Friday as usual. And back at home, she spent every minute she could spare on tutoring Sean. But she was actively engaged in what she was doing, so instead of exhausting herself, Carla felt like she was living a very fulfilling life.

Now that their new home had been ready, Carla decided to move into the new place this Saturday. Carla didn't have a big family. So for her house-warming party, she just invited some lovely neighbors from her old neighborhood, the ones whom she talked to a lot like Karen and the others.

"Carla, my sweetheart! Darling, sorry for not coming to your party. I should've been there and helped you move! Our new boss just didn't approve my asking for leave. He kept on giving more work for everyone and he even demanded that we work overtime!"

According to Violet, this so-called "new boss" was tough and hard to please, yet Violet had no intention of impressing him at all.

"Vi, maybe he's not that bad. Maybe he's just... Is he a workaholic himself? And, uh, how do I put this, maybe he thinks highly of you. You really need to look on the bright side. Maybe all of these responsibilities that he's giving you means that you'll get a promotion soon!" Carla said in a reassuring voice while sinking into the comfortable couch on their large balcony. It felt so good she could just sleep in there instantly.

"Oh, Carla! You're too kind. You always look at the bright side of life! But actually, I highly doubt that I'll ever get a promotion. I'm gonna tell you a secret. It's so embarrassing! Please don't laugh! Right before that man became my new boss, I was at a party with a friend and that man was at that party, too. So what happened was, I walked into him kissing a girl against her will!" Violet narrated. "No way!" Carla gasped. "Yes! That's what I'm talking about! You know me. I can't just stand there when a man is assaulting a woman! So I grabbed my 4-inched heel, went up there and smashed it on his head!" Violet continued her story.

'Ouch!' Carla thought as she touched the back

My friend's date, her date was so ugly! He definitely looks like he could be her uncle! Yes... That's it!

Sorry boss but I was gossiping about a totally irrelevant person! I'm sorry about answering a personal call on work hours. But I swear, it was the only thing I did wrong today! I didn't insult anyone, especially you. And I have a lot of work to do, thanks to you. But that's totally fine because I love my job! Work is everything to me. I'm basically a working machine here. So can you please let it go, please?"

Violet rambled insanely fast. And she felt ashamed to fawn on him. But a grown woman like her knew when to display weakness, and when to use her charm if necessary.

Violet hung up the phone.

All Carla could do on the other side was pray silently to God that things weren't that bad for Violet

and that she didn't have to resort to her woman's charm.

Hopefully, she could survive this. Carla raised herself up from the couch again.

She just had a complete turn of thoughts. Something was going on. Sean had been on that phone call for like an hour! That was way too long for a 10-year-old boy. Was he talking to a girl? Wow!

"Sean, who are you talking to? Is that a girl?" asked Carla.

Carla had already pictured a sweet teenage girl in a pink skirt on the other end of the line. She giggled, took out two jars of frozen yogurt out of the fridge and gave one to Sean.

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