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   Chapter 66 Have You Slept With Her

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10915

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Carla's gaze was glued to the photo of Terence and a woman on the laptop screen.

'Who is she?' she thought, confused.

She saw two photos of Terence and this woman before. Now, she just found several photos of them again. Carla began to wonder what was the relationship between Terence and the woman.

She zoomed the photo and tried to see the woman more clearly.

With widened eyes, Carla leaned closer to the laptop screen. She noticed that the woman had good-looking eyebrows. She kept on wondering if the woman had her eyebrows tattooed or not.

With this in mind, she touched her own natural eyebrows.

The woman also had a pair of beautiful and attractive eyes. Carla thought that this kind of woman was usually the ones who were often seen hooking up with men.

Perhaps she had plastic surgery to open up her eyes and make them look bigger.

She also had a pointed chin. Carla was confused as to whether she had plastic surgery or not. The thought kept on bugging her.

While staring at the woman who was beside Terence in the photo, Carla decided to open her phone camera. She positioned the phone in front of her face and looked at herself in the phone screen. Oddly irritated with her actions, she threw her phone to the desk after checking out her face.

If she guessed correctly, this woman was Terence's ex-girlfriend.

She was pretty sure that Terence had no sisters. If this woman was not an ex-girlfriend then, why did they have so much photos together? The only possible explanation for them having too much photos was that they were in a relationship before.

Besides, she realized while she was looking at the photos that they always had their arms around each other. Either that or she could see them with their hands on each other's shoulders. By her standards, it was a clear sign that the both of them were in a pretty intimate relationship.

Carla bit her fingernails. She was too absorbed in her own thoughts.

She suddenly remembered that last night, Terence pressed her roughly on the mattress and forced her to... She couldn't shake away the feeling that she experienced every time she thought about it again.

A thought popped into her head. What if she was not the only one? What if there were other girls before her? What if she was just one of his women?

At the thought of this, Carla suddenly was disgusted with Terence. She slammed Terence's laptop down on the desk in anger.

She had a feeling that Terence did those things with a lot of women before.

Terence was born a member of the An family. They were considered as one of the richest and most powerful family in JA City. He was wealthy and influential. It was a given that there must be a lot of women that admired and chased him all the time.

Carla refused to believe that he had never slept with women before.

"What are you doing? Why didn't you answer the door? I've been ringing the bell for so long. Is something wrong?"

Terence headed straight to Carla's room when he finished his work. He wanted to see her so badly. He kept on knocking but there was no answer from her. He noticed that the door was not locked so he decided to just enter the room.

He saw her sitting there sulking when he entered the room. It seemed that som

"Carla, what about you?" Terence asked, looking at Carla who was smiling happily in his arms.

Carla stretched out her legs and positioned her feet on the armrest of the sofa, comfortably leaning in his arms. She replied without thinking, "I have never slept with any man. My parents died about three years ago. At that time, my brother was still in kindergarten and I also had to go to school. I was already busy enough because I needed to take care of my brother and myself all the time. I had no energy to date anyone."

What she said was true. During those days, she was having a really hard time. It was impossible for her to spend her time in building a relationship with any man.

However, when she was in senior high school, she once tried to confess to the most handsome boy in their school. She and Ruth even made a bet over that to see whether she could win the boy's heart or not.

But before she succeeded in getting the boy, he transferred to another school. She didn't even get the chance to kiss him!

She also had a secret crush on Evan for three years. However, she was not brave enough to tell him that she liked him.

With this in mind, Carla felt disappointed. She thought that it would be best if she did not tell Terence about all of those.

After hearing her, Terence thought of what Nathan said this morning.

He had no idea whether or not Nathan was telling the truth. Was Carla really hiding something from him on purpose?

"Get your hand off me."

Carla batted Terence's hand away when she noticed that he was placing his hand on her chest. After that, she picked up her phone and browsed through it leisurely.

With furrowed eyebrows, Terence leaned towards her and placed his hand on her chest again. He deliberately pinched her skin a little hard. "You have already slept with me and we made love to each other last night. Why are you being shy all of a sudden? What's stopping you from letting me touch you for a while?"

"Get your hands off me! Who told you that I did such a thing with you?"

Carla spat at him quickly without thinking, glaring at him with rage.

When she was finished speaking, she bit her lip hard.

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