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   Chapter 65 She Wasn't Unfaithful

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 13344

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Inside the bathroom, Terence stood in the shower, desperately rubbing his head and trying to recall everything that happened last night. However, his head still hurt from the hungover and he couldn't remember anything after he was assisted to his room.

'What if Nathan's judgment is accurate?

If Carla did lose her virginity to another man before me, does it matter? Do I really don't care?'

he asked himself seriously. The hot water kept streaming down at him yet he was drowned with his thoughts so he completely ignored the heat.

Terence knew that he came from a complicated background. However, no matter how many times various women threw themselves at him—except for a couple of times when he had to act intimate with some women for the sake of their corporation—

not once did he really have sex with a woman. He remained a virgin.

Moreover, he knew that whether men or women, once they had been blinded with lust, their own desires would consume them until it turned into greed.

Fortunately, he was a man with discipline and kept himself in control every single time. Or, that was simply because he hadn't really been attracted to anyone.

He would rather stay alone and wait for that one special woman to enter his life than follow the trend and play with women's feelings like they were wrapped around his finger.

So technically, he had never surrendered himself to lust. He wanted to preserve it for that special woman.

Everything remained the same until he laid eyes on Carla.

Terence wiped the water away from his face and remembered the first time they met. It was dark at night and when he stopped her electric scooter, her beautiful eyes shined as she opened them widely and stared straight into his eyes. For a second, he thought that he had met an angel since looking into her eyes was like looking at the ocean—as clear, as vast and as deep. In that very moment, nothing seemed important anymore. Just one glance at her lighted up his whole world and it felt like stars were falling out from her eyes. At that moment, he knew that he could never part from this woman, not anymore.

Terence woke up from his recollection and walked out of the shower. He wrapped himself with a towel and entered the bedroom.

He thought to himself, 'Even if Carla had a boyfriend when we first met, I won't hesitate to try and take her away from him no matter what.

If that's the case, I don't think her virginity matters to me. I will always take her as she is and never will I regret my choice.' Terence concluded and curled up his thin lips.

Meanwhile, downstairs in the dining room, the woman who was happily having breakfast with her little brother had no idea that Terence almost flipped his world upside-down after she left this morning.

What she also didn't know was that Nathan almost placed her in the lowest category in his head since he didn't see any sign of her losing virginity after a whole night of sleeping together with Terence.

She would never know how many accusations had been placed over her head. Even if in reality, she was the true victim last night.

"Hey Carla, you know what? Terence got me a driver and he told me the driver will send me to school every morning and even pick me up at the end of the day. I told him that I don't need a driver. I will just walk with my friends on the main road. But he insisted... So...So I said yes because I knew he won't let me go on my own. I don't know. I'm just a kid. But I think you should know about this,"

Sean told Carla while they were eating. He pouted at her the whole time and looked straight at her with his puppy dog eyes.

Sean was completely fine with Terence's offer for he could still recall the other kids and their parents calling him a liar. He wanted the other kids to know that he was telling the truth but he was also afraid that Carla might be mad at him.

"Okay. If he insisted, then just do as he said," Carla threw an unusual respon

e, holding something in his hand.

"Hey, Miss Carla. Mr. Terence asked me to give you this," Rainer smiled at her and passed the laptop to her.

Carla paused for a second and finally, she couldn't resist and laughed out loud. She thought that Terence was too busy to pay any attention to her when she came to his room. However, Carla was wrong about him. Terence knew exactly what she needed after observing her actions.

"Miss Carla, Mr. Terence is working on a multi-million contract right now. He's going to meet up with the main shareholders and discuss the next step. I hope you don't mind but can you leave him to finish his work for the next two days?" Rainer carefully explained.

Only, Terence didn't ask him to say any of that. After this morning, Rainer was still apprehensive towards Carla so he tried to create a distance between Carla and Terence.

"Oh no, not at all. Of course, I won't bother him. I have never seen him this concentrated at work. If this is urgent, I'll leave him alone for sure." Carla didn't think much about Rainer's words. She liked it when Terence focused on his work.

'Be a man, do the right thing. Being busy is good for him, ' she told herself and smiled at Rainer.

"Okay, I need to go now. Call me if you need anything." Rainer turned around and disappeared in the corridor.

Carla closed the door and threw herself on the bed. She turned on the laptop, logged into her email account and started to go through the regulations again.

Two hours had past and Carla was getting tired. She pushed the laptop to the side and started to stretch her neck and back muscles. After staying still for almost two hours, it started to hurt. 'These freaking regulations are killing me. Hm... Let's see if there's any game in his laptop, ' she grinned at the laptop and pulled it towards her.

This laptop was Terence's backup. Carla was looking through the files and came across his photos. A whole new world started to appear in front of Carla's eyes. Scrolling through the pictures, it was pretty clear that Terence had traveled all around the world.

'Duh, he's a wealthy man who comes from a powerful family. Of course, he had traveled around the world. Oh shit... No way! Isn't this the government hall of that country and their prime minister?' she tried to remember the prime minister's name but failed. As she continued to look through his gallery, more than one country's head leader started to appear.

Just when Carla was giggling and scrolling, her finger suddenly froze. She put her index finger on the touching pad and scrolled up very slowly. The smile instantly disappeared on her face.

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