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   Chapter 64 Be My Woman

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Carla didn't understand. She didn't understand any of it. After all, she didn't have any experience so she turned off the light as told.

The moment the light was turned off, arguing was heard in the darkness.

"What are you doing?"

"Of course I'm helping."



"Why? !"

"Because I'm protecting you."

There was dead silence.

It took a few minutes before anything could be heard again.

"Terence, can you just let me go?" cried Carla in a trembling voice.

Carla had never done it even though she was already twenty-three years old. It was her first time so she was going through a lot of thoughts and emotions.

"Don't cry. If you keep crying, I'll shut your mouth with..." Terence threatened her with a hoarse voice.

"What? Wait! "

The next morning, Carla was awakened by the sunlight, but she couldn't open her eyes.

She couldn't remember how she fell asleep and what happened last night as if she was drunk.

Her memories were in a blur, or maybe, her mind consciously chose to forget something.

She felt that her palm was slimy and instinctively rubbed her hand at the nearest thing she could reach. Appalled by what she touched, she opened her eyes.

As if lightning struck her, Carla sat up immediately.

She lifted the quilt and wanted to flee, but she accidentally overdid it and uncovered Terence, who was lying naked.

She felt embarrassed and shameful at the sight of what she shouldn't have seen. Biting her lip, she hurriedly threw the quilt back on him, covering his waist down.

Then, she turned around, suppressing her nausea and was ready to run away.


Terence was wakened by the noise and called out her name filled with uncertainty. He didn't know why Carla was there.

Rubbing his still throbbing head, Terence only remembered Nathan helping him because he was too drunk and nothing else.

"Why aren't you speaking? Did you just come in?"

Terence asked unconsciously while shaking his head and rubbing his temple.

Carla stood still. What happened last night flashed through her mind. Every detail of the shameful encounter struck her, but he just asked whether she just came in.

She was cursing this despicable man in her mind.

Seeing her stood still, Terence lifted his quilt and walked over to her, only to find himself...


Looking up at Carla who was backing away from him, he noticed that her pajama was crumpled as if she just got up.

All the signs indicated one thing, which Terence had just realized. He picked up the bath towel on the ground to cover up himself and continued to walk towards her.

Carla didn't want to see him and avoided his eyes. When he approached her, she turned away.

"Carla," Terence


Terence frowned as he didn't understand what he meant. "What do you mean? Tell me why?"

Nathan looked back at the white sheet again and held it up as if he was holding the evidence.

Compared to Terence, Nathan had more sexual experience and therefore, more knowledge on the matter.

"Mr. Terence. Miss Carla has always seemed reserved. She refused to have sex with you several times and kept you hanging. But the truth is, she probably had sex with different men before. She's a liar,"

Nathan explained.

"Brother, what are you saying? Don't you just judge people like that! I believe Miss Carla is not that kind of women!" Rainer quickly stopped him. 'What's wrong with Nathan today?

How could he say such satirical words when he was always a discreet man?' Rainer thought.

"Rainer, you don't understand. Mr. Terence has done so much for her. We're both witnesses to everything. I just feel like it's not worth it," Nathan argued.

Nathan thought that if Miss Carla was honest, he could accept her. If she was indeed a virgin like she said, then she would be a respectable woman. There were only so few of them.

But now it seemed like she was not. He saw how Terence suffered for her, but she refused him every time.

She already had sexual experience, but pretended to know nothing and played hard to get.

He felt disgusted.

Terence looked at Nathan who was indignant and knew what he meant. Nathan lifted the quilt because he thought they had sex last night.

But there was no blood on the bed sheet, so he believed that Carla was not a virgin.

Terence knew that Nathan was just looking out for his best interests.

"Nathan, stop talking. Whether she's a virgin or not, it doesn't matter. From now on, she's mine,"

Terence reproached him and strode off to the bathroom.

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