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   Chapter 63 Terence Is Lovely

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Changdu Characters: 7117

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Carla was thinking about asking a waiter for help. But after she heard the heavy muffled clunk from the Terence's room, she stopped knocking on Nathan's door and ran back to where Terence was.

Her heart started to pound when she found

Terence sat on the floor, sighing. One of his elbows was bent and propped on his knee. He looked up at the ceiling with a hand on his forehead.

'How could I have fallen?' he thought.

Terence eyed her and didn't ask her for help as he saw Carla enter the room.

Instead, he managed to lean his hand on the wall, trying to stand up slowly.

He had almost hit the floor several times. Fortunately, he still managed to support himself up.

Carla tried her best not to laugh and walked towards him to offer her arm, "Looks like you need some help. Your men, Nathan and Rainer, were kind of in a deep sleep. I tried to wake them up but I wasn't successful."

Terence leaned against the wall for a little while longer. He raised an eyebrow as he looked at Carla, who was trying hard not to laugh. He was a little unhappy but decided to not to say anything. He really needed to go to the bathroom and really needed help. Finally, he let her help him walk towards the bathroom.

This scenario reminded her of the day when Terence got hurt.

The only difference was that he was more sober than now.

Carla had intended to leave after she helped him go to the bathroom. However, she tried to persuade herself to stay a bit longer in case he might need help. Trying to hide the flush on her cheeks, she asked, "Uhm... can you manage it?"

She felt awkward at the thought of seeing his private parts.

"Well, you tell me if I can!"

Terence frowned as he replied. He started to unbuckle his belt in front of her yet he didn't have the strength to continue.

He had been in love with her and was still waiting for her love. It never crossed his mind to have sex with another woman. Otherwise, he wouldn't feel so uncomfortable like right now.

Carla quickly turned her head away. She stayed there for a while but he still failed to unbuckle his belt.

Finally giv

nd and put it on the thin quilt to feel his growing hard-on.

She felt every hair on her body to rise. She tried to move away her hand but Terence managed to hold it down.

"Well, this is what makes me unwell."

His eyes were burning with lust. He whispered, "Carla, I am a normal healthy man. So it is normal that I want to bed you. Please don't be afraid of me. I am not as bad as you might think."

Carla tried her best not to look at her hand. She shifted her eyes on somewhere else.

"T-Terence! Yesterday was just an accident. I am really sorry! I didn't want it to happen! Please understand. I am a conservative woman! My m-mother raised me not to be an easy woman!

Unless we get married, I think we should keep a safe distance between each other."

Terence let go of her hand and asked again, "Well, why not try to help me in another way?"

"Wait, what? Huh?"

Carla spoke blankly as she glanced at him. A moment later, she felt her palm becoming hotter and hotter.

Terence looked at her as if she was crazy. Looked like she didn't know anything about sex.

He thought to himself, 'Looks like I should feel happy about it. She never had any experience so I will be able to teach many things.'

"Alright then. Relax. Just listen to me carefully and I will tell you what to do. But first, turn off the lights please,"

Terence spoke hoarsely but his dark eyes shone in anticipation.

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