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   Chapter 62 Rainer And Nathan

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Once Sean had exposed the little secret about Terence, he was flicked on the head.

"Sean, shut up!" Carla glared at him. The boy was rescued from danger not that long ago. But he had already gotten over the fear and was even gossiping with Rainer.

Sean made a face at Carla. He soon realized that he said too much to Rainer. He grabbed his arm and pleaded, "Rainer, don't tell anyone else, please. Or Terence will be mad at me."

"Ha—Ha! don't worry. My lips are sealed! Sean, you can tell me whatever you want to."

Rainer smiled. He felt a great sense of satisfaction because Terence hardly talked about himself in front of them. His secrets were not easy to be found out.

In the evening, Terence returned to the hotel at a very late hour.

What was worse, he was as drunk as a lord.

Nathan helped him to the room and asked the hotel staff to prepare some hangover soup.

"Nathan, why is Mr. Terence so drunk?" Rainer helped his brother lay Terence on the bed. He looked at him frowning. "Who dared make Mr. Terence drink so much?"

"Nobody did! It was Mr. Terence himself," Nathan explained.

"Oh," Rainer answered. Then he opened the closet and took out a pair of pajamas, ready to help Terence change into them.

When he was about to get Terence changed, Nathan stopped him by grasping his hand.

"Leave him like that. Where is Miss Carla? Tell her that Mr. Terence wants to see her. Ask her to come here," Nathan said to him, without showing much expression. Then he took the pajamas from his brother and put them on the sofa.

"But, why? Isn't this our job? Besides, Miss Carla is a girl and she—"

Rainer asked in confusion. However, before he could finish, he was shocked by Nathan's action. Nathan pulled Terence across the bed, leaving him dangling precariously on the edge, so that he could fall out at any moment.

"Nathan! What are you doing? What if Mr. Terence falls out?"

Rainer exclaimed in panic.

"Do you know why Mr. Terence got so drunk? Mr. Zhao had arranged two girls for Mr. Terence during dinner. He used it as an excuse that it was for work. You weren't there. The girls were so hot. I barely even controlled myself when I saw how they flirted with Mr. Terence."

Nathan lowered his voice. Then he closed Terence's door and pulled Rainer closer to him.

"Have you ever seen Mr. Terence try so hard and spend so much time, to get anything? As his men, shouldn't we lend him a hand now?

Go ahead. Ask Miss Carla to come over,"

Nathan said encouraging Rainer. Nathan was a vigorous and energetic young man. Even though he didn't have a girlfriend, he would never suppress his sexual desires and therefore had a lot of bed partners.

If tonight, he had been in Terence's position, he wouldn't have refused the girls. He knew what t

she realized that it was an absolute waste of time and effort in trying to help a drunk man.

It was completely useless! The best thing for her to do now was to leave.

When Carla was about to take her bag and leave, Terence slowly opened his eyes. He tried to focus on the person before him.

When he recognized her, he said in a croaky voice, "Carla?"

She breathed a sigh of relief when he was finally awake. Carla put the soup on the table and said, "Great! you're finally awake! Come here and drink the hangover soup now."

She was anxious to get back to her own bed and have a good night sleep. She wanted him to drink it as soon as possible so she could leave.

However, Terence shook his head and threw the covers from his body.

"I need to use the toilet—" he mumbled.

Carla was feeling desperate now.

No wonder he woke up all of a sudden. He wasn't awaken by her, but by his full bladder.

"Wait a minute! I'm going to get Nathan and Rainer to help you!"

Terence tried to stand up and fumbled to find his footing. Carla was too small and weak to help him. Besides, even if she did manage to help him get to the toilet, how was she going to help him pee?

"Nathan! Rainer! Open the door!"

Carla rang the bell of their room again and again. However, there was no response. She pounded her small fists on the door several times and it was deadly quiet inside.

On the other side of the door, Nathan and Rainer stood quietly listening.

"Nathan, why don't we open the door?" Rainer whispered to his brother who stood next to him with a frown.

"We can't! Just go back to sleep!" Nathan said coolly, as he returned to his bed.

"But why?"

"No more questions!"

Carla still stood and waited for someone to open the door.

When she was about to knock on the door again, she heard a loud noise coming from Terence's room.

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