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   Chapter 61 New House

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Terence frowned, hugely turned off and thought crossly, 'If she hadn't said that, I would have made love to her and taken her virginity right here and right now without any hesitation.'

Either way, Carla would belong to him sooner or later. When he took her made no difference to him.

However, when he thought of the reason why she was giving herself to him, it extinguished all the blazing passion that he had felt just a few moments ago. He wanted her to love him back, instead of doing this just to show her gratitude. It didn't feel right. Terence thought that Carla had learned her lesson and would see how much she truly needed him, in her life.

But in fact, she was still untamed at heart.

"No, I mean it. Otherwise— Why would I prepare this for you?" Carla's beautiful eyes twinkled. She reached out and opened the drawer of the nightstand, pulling out a condom.

"Come on. Don't be disturbed. Let's continue, shall we?" Taking the initiative, Carla reached out to unfasten his belt, only to be pushed aside bluntly.

"It's getting late. I've got business to do. I'll come and see you later."

Terence straightened up and fastened his belt. He grabbed his shirt and strode away from the bed. Picking up the tablet computer from the living room, he quickly left the room.


Carla lay back on the bed and burst into laughter after his departure. She smiled as she glanced at the condom wrapped in silver foil in her hand.

'Why did he run away?

Wasn't he the one who wanted this so badly before?' she wondered.

In a room of the hotel next door, Nathan lay the files out that were just sent to them from the police station on the desk in front of Terence.

"Mr. Terence, they are really traffickers. The only problem is that someone had sent them the information and asked them to kidnap Sean. But they don't know who it was that sent them the information. This person is so deeply hidden. We haven't been able to find their identity yet, in such a short time. But we're still working on it."

Terence crossed his arms and glanced at the files.

"The time is too short? You haven't found him yet?"

Nathan lowered his head at once and said, "We have started with JA City. For the moment, Johnny and Marcus can be excluded. The trouble we brought them before wasn't too serious but was enough to keep them busy for a while.

As for your father, we don't think he was the one, after the investigation. He doesn't have motive." "So?"

"So, there's only Miss Megan left. You drove her out of the villa and she probably feels humiliated. She would hold a grudge against you. Every time she wanted to see you, you refused. It's more than likely that she wanted to vent her anger out on Miss Carla."

Terence held his chin in his hand and stared thoughtfully at the affidavit on the table. There were surging cu


The flow of people there was comparatively large. Especially during the day when parents drove their children to and from school. Policemen would be there to regulate the traffic. It was perfectly safe.

The apartment itself was much larger than their old one and it had a nice big balcony for Carla and Sean to enjoy.

Terence must have devoted a lot of time and effort to find such a suitable house in so short a time, especially in the school district.

"Miss Carla, from now on, this is yours and Sean's new home. The designer has come this morning. If you have any ideas about the decor or furniture, please let me know.

As for the cost of the furniture, you can rest assured that Mr. Terence has taken care of that. Anything that may appeal to you or Sean please feel free to let me know and I will arrange it. Please come in and make yourselves at home."

Saying so, Rainer showed her around the house.

"What a big beautiful house, Carla! Terence is so amazing! He found us such a wonderful new home in such a short time!" Sean said as he looked around in awe. His voice filled with adoration.

"Carla, this is your room and this one is mine. And this one, is for Terence. He won't have to sleep on the sofa anymore,"

Sean said in excitement.

"What..." Rainer looked at Carla in disbelief and then bent down to ask Sean curiously, "Sean, did you just say that Mr. Terence slept on—On the sofa in your old apartment?"

Having been raised up like a prince, Terence had lived in seascape villas that were worth billions since he was a child. He rode in luxury cars such as a Rolls-Royce and Maserati. How could he possibly sleep on the sofa in someone else's home so shamelessly?

Sean blinked up at him with those black and innocent eyes of his and nodded without hesitation.

"Yes. Terence always slept on the sofa, because Carla wouldn't let him sleep with her!"

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