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   Chapter 60 Let Me Pay My Debt

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From where Carla stood, she didn't see Terence was holding a tablet in his hand, so she thought he was simply musing. It turned out he was scanning through some documents in the tablet.

He had a lot of work to do that day and on top of that, there was an important meeting that he couldn't miss tomorrow.

Terence barely had any time to sleep or rest for the past few days. If it was up to him, he would rather spend his time with Carla. And so, that was what he did.

The moment Terence spoke up, Carla immediately looked up. Terence walked towards her.

He moved aside to give her space on the couch. When she settled down, he handed her a folder. Then, he started to talk calmly, "You should take a look at these houses I chose for you.

If you don't care about your brother's safety and whether he's taken by the kidnappers, you can still refuse me and go back to your fingernail-sized house."

Carla felt awkward so she coughed to disguise her embarrassment. She opened the folder and found that there were seven or eight apartments for her to choose. Her eyes went a little wide when she noticed that the smallest one was 134 square meters.

"I think you should decide this. You can just pick one for us. I don't have the money, so I'll owe you this as a debt. I'll pay you as soon as I earn some money." Carla placed the folder back on Terence's hand. Since Terence chose the apartments himself, Carla was certain that they were safe enough and the road leading to the school would be safe as well. For her, there was nothing much to think about.

Terence lifted his head up and raised his eyebrows, "The money to be used is from the rent of the shop so you don't need to pay. This money is your reward to begin with. You have the right to use it."

Carla took her eyes off Terence and meekly nodded. She realized that she shouldn't pretend to be strong for Sean's sake. The kid had gone through a lot of pain already.

Although in her defense, she didn't know those kidnappers' underlying despicable intentions.

Carla thought that they were just human traffickers randomly choosing Sean because he was alone and easy to handle, so she didn't think too much of the whole kidnapping.

However, Terence had no intention of telling her the truth. He had his own plans. If he could use this situation to keep this lovely kitten that always tried to push him away with her claws

hat Terence had moved on.

The moment Carla was placed down, Terence leaned forward slightly. He was so close to her lips that she could feel his breath.

Suddenly, Carla's lips trembled and just like that, their lips met.

Her lips were so sweet. When she touched Terence's lips, it felt like feathers were tickling his lips.

Carla didn't have much experience in kissing. She was very nervous but she kissed Terence fiercely. She sucked his bottom lip, begging for entrance. When Terence opened his mouth a little, she slid her tongue and deepened the kiss. Her hands roamed all over his body, to his arms, his chest, his face and rested on his hair.

Although she was so clumsy, it still made Terence excited and a little aroused. Terence felt himself tense a little too.

Terence's breath soon became heavy, but he constrained himself. It was hard especially when Clara was kissing him like that. Soon enough, he let her tongue in and made her try all the things she wanted to do to provoke him.

It wasn't until Terence felt that Carla was getting tired that he took charge and kissed her back passionately. His tongue played and tangled with hers. Before he knew it, they landed on the bed on top of each other.

"Terence... I'm sorry I don't have anything to repay you for your help. Since you refused money, would you accept sex instead? Would that work for you?"

Carla asked with ragged breathes as she watched the man above her undo his belt.

In an instant, Terence became stiff.

"Carla, did you do it on purpose?" Terence's devastation could be heard in his voice.

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