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   Chapter 59 The Successful Rescue

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 12127

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The whole street was filled with police cars, blocking all the exits. Flashing lights and sirens blared in all directions. The minivan was surrounded by police and the kidnappers had no other choice but to get out of their vehicle and surrender themselves.

They hadn't anticipated such a grand scale of police to come so they gave up the fight, coming out of the van with their hands in the air.

The police quickly jumped upon them, restraining them all in handcuffs and led them away.

Carla arrived at the scene and waited anxiously for clearance from the police. Once she got the OK sign she hurried out of the car and ran towards the minivan where Sean was. She waited as the police carried her brother out of the van. Carla was beside herself with worries. She kept repeating her thanks and gratitude to the police, "Thank you! Thank you so much!" The ambulance took over and put Sean gently onto a stretcher so that they could check his vitals. "Don't worry, Miss. I have just checked your brother. He's unconscious but he will be all right."

"Sean!" She couldn't help crying out when she saw her brother's pale face. However, she felt greatly relieved when the paramedic told her that he would be okay.

"Thank you very much. I don't know what to say to express my gratitude. Thank you."

Carla caressed her brother's hair and gently kissed his cheek. 'Thank God, he is okay.'

Terence followed Carla and shook hands with the police commissioner. "Commissioner, thank you, for bringing your whole squad team."

The police commissioner saluted Terence. He replied with only the slightest smile in his eyes, "Mr. Terence, not at all. You are the grandson of our military leader from headquarters and that makes you our leader. Your words are the orders we must answer to. You don't have to be thankful, sir."

Terence nodded at him. As quickly as the squad team had come, they were just as quick to disperse. Once again the street had fallen silent.

Carla followed the ambulance to the hospital.

She waited for the doctors to run a full body check on Sean.

Since the very beginning of the rescue, Terence had stayed by her side the whole time. She didn't have to ask him for help. He voluntarily offered to solve issues that had arisen to allow her to rest.

After a series of tests on Sean, the results had shown that he didn't have any injuries. The doctors simply informed her that Sean was lacking in some vitamins and asked her to get some from the drug store.

Carla could finally rest knowing that Sean was fine. She looked at her dear little brother and breathed a sigh of relief while she held his little hand in hers.

"Terence, I don't know how to thank you. You saved my brother, so you saved me as well." She gazed up at Terence who was standing beside the bed. 'If it wasn't for you, I don't know what would have happened next. I really don't know, ' she murmured in her heart.

Sometimes, God's plans were not for humans to understand. When she had finally put everything behind her, burning the bridge to Terence, wanting to completely disappear from his world, the kidnapping happened. Fate had yet again conspired against her. She had to drop her guard and was compelled to ask for his help.

This somehow brought her deep shame. She lost her shield and her fragile state opened in front of his eyes.

Terence looked at her. Over the past days, she had grown thinner since the whole ordeal had taken a toll on her. He decided to cheer her up and teasingly said to her, "You're welcome, Carla. But, I prefer actions over words. Do you know what I mean?"

A moment ago, he

me as Sean. It broke her heart to see Sean so fearful. Although she couldn't accept being with Terence romantically, his action to help them really touched her heart.

"It's okay. We'll stay with Terence," she replied tenderly.

Terence smiled satisfied and relieved with her decision and then concentrated on driving.

When they had arrived at the hotel, Terence called Rainer to meet them at the front gate. While they waited, Terence spoke with Sean to reassure him that everything would be all right now. When Rainer had arrived, Terence asked him to take Sean upstairs and to stay with him during the night.

He knew that after the kidnapping and the overdosage of anesthetic, Sean would feel scared and may have nightmares.

Fortunately, nothing serious had happened to Sean. They successfully rescued him in time.

Carla's room was right next to Sean's. She went to check on him and make sure that he was fine. She then returned to her room and had a shower, eager to wash off all the negative energy and bad luck from her body.

When she came out of the bathroom, she noticed Terence was there. He had been waiting for her in the suite while she was taking a shower.

Carla stood silently staring at him. He was facing away from her, sitting quietly on the couch so he didn't notice that Carla was there. His brows were slightly furrowed and he was looking down at the carpet, deep in thought.

She quietly admired him from afar. His black hair glistened in the glow of the lamp. It was neatly cut and had a slight wave to it. Looking at his hair alone stirred feelings inside of her. She would love to run her fingers through that thick hair of his.

Terence lowered his head slightly and rested his long perfectly manicured index finger above his eyebrow. He sat quiet and motionlessly the whole time, which made him seem like a magnificent sculpture carved from marble by a most skilled artist, his body superbly carved out in all the right places.

Carla swallowed involuntarily.

He was perfect. She wanted to savor the moment for a little longer.

Carla's eyes trailed his chiseled jawline and along his defined cheekbones. His eyes deep and dark, Carla would lose herself every time she looked into them. His nose was perfectly proportioned and his succulent mouth looked so irresistibly kissable.

"Finished showering?"

Terence suddenly asked without even raising his head.

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