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   Chapter 58 I Will Not Let Him Be In Danger

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Terence strode toward Carla who looked so distraught and was helplessly sitting on the floor. Much too disoriented, she seemed to be totally out of it.

Then, he lifted her up and carried her in his arms, saying with his brows furrowed, "Carla, please try not to worry too much. I've already asked Nathan and Rainer to look for Sean.

I've specifically told them to check all of the surveillance videos around the school, and since the security cameras are basically everywhere, I believe that they'll be able to locate Sean much sooner!"

While comforting her, Terence walked inside the room holding her in his arms.

"Terence, I'm so worried and frightened. I don't know what to do. I feel so powerless.

Sean is the only family I have left in this world. I can't bear the thought of losing him!"

Upon realizing that Terence had come back just so he could accompany her, Carla could not contain her emotions any longer and immediately burst into tears, clinging tightly onto his clothes with both of her hands.

"No, you will not lose Sean. Please try to pull yourself together. He needs you to be strong, now more than ever. Trust me. I will do everything I can in my power just to help you find him and bring him back home to you safe and sound." Terence held her closely in his arms and patted her repeatedly on the back, trying to calm her down. And because he wasn't used to seeing her in a state like that, it was hard for him to watch the strong woman he loved so dearly acting so vulnerable.

Carla, upon reflecting on all of the things that happened, managed to calm herself down eventually. Then, she made a phone call to ask Sean's teacher for the phone numbers of his close friends who he would often be playing with, after which she anxiously called them one by one to check whether Sean had just been hanging out with them all along, hoping he was doing just fine.

However, the result just terribly disappointed her, because Sean didn't come over to any of his friends' houses.

One of his friends told Carla that he actually walked out of the school together with Sean at the same time and thought that Sean had just simply headed straight back home.

Carla, who had tried her best to remain calm up until that moment, started feeling distressed and worried again. In that brief moment of weakness, she suddenly couldn't hold back her sadness anymore and began tearing up again in front of Terence, disregarding their differences and the state their relationship was currently in. Besides, there was no else left for her to lean on to apart from him, so she felt so grateful for his presence.

"Carla, please don't cry. Just give me some more time and be patient. Panicking would only make things worse. I promise that I will not let anything happen to him!"

It was a bit hard to believe that just a few moments ago, Terence still hated how Carla had been so heartless toward him, but now, upon seeing his beloved girl crying, all of those feelings of hatred had instantly withered away, and instead, he simply felt sorry for her. Just as much as he wanted to make sure Sean was safe, he was also very eager to lift Carla's spirits up.

At this moment, Terence somehow came up with an idea, so he put his hands over Carla's shoulders and asked, "Carla, this might be a long shot, but it's well worth trying. Does Sean still wear the bracelet I had given him?"

Carla had already forgotten about that bracelet, the real-time location of which could be tracked by Terence from an app.

As Terence reminded her of that, she began feeling hopeful again, even if it was just a little bit, and immediately nodded. "Yes. That bracelet is so precious to Sean. He wears it every single day after you gave it to him," she answered.

Terence bobbed his head to acknowledge Carla's response and immediately took out his phone to check and sent Sean's bracelet's real-time location information to Nathan, with hopes that maybe they could find him sooner.

Carla was still extremely anxious and distressed, her frightened expression showing signs of weakness. Throughout the years, she had always thought herself to be an independent woman with a strong will, but now, she was starting to realize how wrong she had been. She was actually just a frail city girl,

e given the highest priority. No matter what kind of method you use, you have to ensure Sean's safety and take him to me unscathed! Do I make myself clear?"

Terence ordered, with a gloomy look seizing his handsome face.

Upon hanging up the phone, Terence headed back into the living room. With tears still running down her cheeks, Carla walked up to him barefoot the moment she saw him.

"Terence, did you get any updates regarding Sean? Were they able to track him down through his bracelet?"

Without any intentions of telling her the whole thing in detail, including all his speculations, Terence just replied briefly and gently, "Yes. They discovered that Sean has actually been taken into a minivan near the school while he was walking on his way home. Now, the minivan has been located and is actually currently being chased by the police. Don't worry. Since we have discovered this matter just in time, your brother can definitely be brought back to you very soon."

"What? Do you mean my brother has been abducted by some human traffickers?"

Carla was so horrified that she clenched her teeth a bit too hard. "Those human traffickers are so terrible! Sean hasn't done anything to deserve this. When they get arrested, they should be given severe punishments!" she screamed, seething with so much anger.

Although they were living in a seemingly peaceful society, there were still many criminals lurking around.

To make matters worse, Sean usually went back home on his own, so those bad guys must have found out about that and tailed him in secret.

"That's right. They should receive serious punishments. Especially since they got an innocent child involved in this matter." Terence held her in his arms and caressed her tenderly. "Carla, the minivan is being chased by policemen as we speak, so I assure you that Sean is going to be fine."

Desperately trying to hide a guilty expression in his eyes, Terence sighed and thought to himself, 'I'm sorry, Carla. All of this could possibly be because of me.

I hope you can forgive me, but I really can't bring myself to tell you about it right now. I'm scared that if you find out the truth, you would keep distancing yourself from me even more than you already are.

Since we have appeared and are already so involved in each other's lives, I will never leave your side. I'll always be here for you.'

At about 9:00

in the evening, as Carla was worriedly waiting for more information about Sean, the gray minivan had finally been subdued by the police on the ring road of BH City. As expected, Sean was on the car, but he was asleep when they found him. And upon checking up on him to make sure he was alright, they found out that he had been injected with some unidentified drug.

There was a large number of police cars parked on the four-lane asphalt road at the moment.

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