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   Chapter 57 Where Did Sean Go

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"Who is that?"

There was no way it could be Sean because during this time, he should still be at school attending his classes. If it was not him, then who could it possibly be?

Carla couldn't think of anyone who would be dropping by for a visit, so she put down her phone on the table, put on her slippers, and walked toward the door. Looking through the peephole, she intrigued to find out who was outside the door.

Surprisingly though, there was no one outside and all she could see was an empty stoop by her doorstep.

Driven by intense curiosity, Carla slowly opened the door, craning her neck out carefully. Of course, she did it with extreme caution, with one hand pressing on the door, just in case she might need to draw back and lock it up anytime.

However, as she was cautiously looking around, she got a bit startled after noticing a figure leaning against the side of the wall.

It was a man, someone she wasn't expecting to see at all.

"Hey, there. It's been a while. Aren't you going to invite me in?"

Terence stared at the woman who had been very wary all the while. She appeared to have been so stunned upon seeing his appearance after such a long time of having no communication between the two of them.

Carla swung the door fully open, rubbing the back of her head. It seemed like she bumped it somewhere when she reflexively took a step backward in surprise.

Terence observed every move she made. Back when they were still living together, he would have reached out a helping hand in an instant, caressing the back of her head, and playfully teasing her for being so clumsy and for behaving in such a silly manner.

The truth was that he actually still had the impulse to hold her in his arms the moment he was finally able to lay his eyes on her again.

But he simply refrained from doing so. In fact, it took almost all of his strength just to hold back the urge to do so.

He knew full well that he had to be thick-skinned if he really wanted to meet her, because he couldn't think of any other way he would be able to face her after everything that had happened.

Upon entering the room, Terence deeply frowned. He was saddened by the fact that the current place Carla and Sean were staying in was even more cramped than their previous one. At least, back then, there used to be two separate bedrooms. Now, there was only one bedroom available and a living room with a sofa bed.

The furniture and the electrical appliances looked so crude that it was so apparent, even with just a single glance, that they had only been acquired for temporary use.

Looking around the apartment, he wondered out loud, "Does Sean sleep in the living room?" Unable to stop himself from asking, he simply couldn't bear the thought of Carla sleeping in the living room.

"I'm the one who sleeps here," Carla replied, "because I would most probably be out until way up late, so I just didn't want to disturb him in his sleep by the time I get back from work if he stays in the living room instead."

Upon closer inspection, he actually noticed Carla's pajamas hanging on the headboard of the sofa bed in the living room along with a few of her other belongings within arm's reach.

All of it was proof enough that what she had just told him was indeed true.

At that point, Terence started getting entangled with various kinds of complex emotions. It felt as if someone was tearing his heart into a million pieces and setting it on fire, greatly saddening and disheartening him.

Coming from a rich family, he couldn't begin to imagine how she could go on living while being stuck in such a miserable situation. She had obviously been going through a lot after that tragic fire in their old apartment.

And she had never even spoken a word about any of this nor turned to him for help.

"I've heard about what happened to your previous apartment. Have you found any clues?" Trying really hard not to look straight into her eyes, Terence forced it upon himself to bring up a different topic. He quickly turned his gaze away from her and stared at a piece of furniture, something which he could only describe using the word "depressing".

"No. They only told me that it had been caused by leakage of natural gas, but no one was able to completely explain how it happened in great

o so. Something deep down her heart always managed to prevent her from erasing him completely out of her life.

Now, the number finally ended up coming in very handy.

"I'm on my way back to the hotel. What's the matter? Is everything okay?" Terence asked anxiously, thinking he had just been seeing things when he saw Carla's caller ID upon checking his phone. He didn't think she'd ever be the first to call him after their previous conversation.

Upon leaving from her apartment, he didn't go back right away, and instead paced back and forth around the building in exasperation for a quite some time to clear up his emotions.

But as soon as he heard her voice, all of the complex emotions he had tried so hard to rid himself of suddenly came rushing back again just like that and his heart started hammering once more.

"Is Sean with you? He should have been back home by now. Did you meet up with him when you went downstairs? Put him on the phone. I'll let him know how I'm going to discipline him later. He needs to be taught a lesson for making me worry about him."

Carla tried her best to make her voice sound calm over the phone, but it still came out trembling with uneasiness. All she wanted was to make sure Sean was doing just fine.

"Has Sean gone missing? Hasn't he come back to your apartment yet?"

furrowing his brows, Terence asked. He gestured toward Nathan who was driving to tell him to turn the car around. "Carla, calm down. Sean isn't with me right now. But I'll go back to your apartment as soon as possible to help you look for him. I'm on my way as we speak. Stay right where you are. Don't worry. I am here for you."

Carla's blood ran cold upon hearing Sean was not with him. Losing all of her strength, she turned so feeble that she couldn't even hold the phone properly.

She had already been frightened once in JA City, but that was a real false alarm because she found out later that he was just with Terence roaming around. This time, it was really happening. It was getting totally dark outside.

And she still couldn't see any signs that Sean might be coming back anytime soon.

Carla's heart was beating so loud you could probably hear it from a mile away. Anxiety had submerged her deeper than ever before.

The fear of losing someone close was unimaginable unless one had already experienced it firsthand.

Carla desperately wanted to go downstairs right away to look for Sean, only to find herself weak in the knees, unable to move an inch. She had never really hated herself before for being so vulnerable, not until now.

She thumped on her legs as hard as she could, desperately wanting to get herself to move and find Sean as soon as possible. It would be much better to believe that Sean had just been having such a good time hanging out at his friend's house, so much that he lost track of time.


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