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   Chapter 56 A Chance Encounter

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8068

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Carla had thought that she was an early bird, however, when she arrived at the interview, she found that lots of people were already there.

The hall was crowded with many interviewees, who were in small groups talking about their former education, work experiences and thoughts about the upcoming interview.

Looking at those high-spirited competitors, she couldn't help but let out a sigh. She felt no hope about getting a job here.

She graduated from a most common college and she lacked experience in her target position. What was worse, her family background might also take a toll on her potential value. To stand out from the fierce competition seemed an impossible task now. When she was downhearted, her phone rang.

"Carla, have you arrived there? The HR manager of that company is a friend of my brother's. I can recommend you to him. You just go to the front door now and the manager will meet you there,"

Violet instructed her on the phone.

"That company is very popular among job hunters. There must be a lot of interviewees already. You will probably be neglected if they interview you in sequence. Since we can ask someone for help, why don't we do it?"

Violet continued, fearing that Carla might be too proud to accept the patronage.

However, Carla replied without hesitation, "Great! I owe you a favor, Violet!"

She knew that it was useless to be stubborn now. After all, she had attended many interviews already but all failed. If she could get a job here, why would she refuse any help offered?

Moreover, the position of purchaser was always considered to be profitable, therefore it might be the most popular position here. She wasn't confident that she could be successful over the others.

"All right. You go to the front door now. I'll call him and tell him who you are," Violet added.

After hanging up the phone, Carla pushed her way through the crowd and walked towards the building.

Just as Violet had said, a man with a badge was at the front door, seemingly waiting for someone.

"Excuse me, are you the HR manager?" Carla went over and greeted him politely.

"Yes, I am. Are you Miss Carla Ji?" the man asked looking at the beautiful and cute lady before him.

"Yes, I'm Carla. It's nice to meet you!" Carla made a bow to him immediately and then followed him to the building.

Just after they entered, next to the front door, three men arrived

ecting to see Terence.

Yet, Terence had promised her that he wouldn't appear in her life anymore. Even though he had showed up just now, it wasn't done on purpose.

"Oh, Miss Carla, I was sent here by Mr. Terence. He wants me to deliver a few words to you. If you find yourself in any trouble, just let him know. Even though you refused him resolutely, he... he just doesn't want to see you having a hard time."

Rainer could only repeat word for word what Terence had instructed him to say. But Rainer couldn't convey the frustration and sadness that Terence felt when he said those words. Carla would only understand if she had heard them herself directly from Terence.

"Miss Carla, this is my personal suggestion to you. Cherish the moment!


Rainer nodded slightly to her, turned and left.

Carla gazed at Rainer's back, and couldn't help letting out a bitter smile. Did he think that it had all been her fault?

That she was the person who didn't cherish?

In the afternoon, Carla attended another interview. She had applied for it long ago and didn't want to give up even though a job was reserved for her already. If she passed it, she would have more choices.

She was run off her feet the whole day until dusk. Finally she returned home, totally exhausted.

But she still had work to do. She prepared porridge and buns for dinner, despite feeling tired and after that washed and cleaned vegetables.

After everything was done and dinner was ready, she finally lay on the sofa to relax.

She reached for her phone to check for any messages when the door bell rang.

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