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   Chapter 55 Carla, Would You Ever Think Of Me

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Carla's eyes had reddened out of emotional pain. She couldn't help her tears from rolling down her cheeks like an endless brook of sadness. She desperately yelled deep inside her mind, 'Why! This is our only home. Why would you do this to us!' Sean was still crying out loud by her side. However, nothing could be done. Slowly, she wiped her tears away and raised her head, staring at the thick black smoke coming out from the balcony while grinding her teeth in fury.

It took the firefighters several hours until the fire was put out.

After a duration that seemed like a year, Sean was exhausted. Carla remained in her position and she was still sobbing in unbearable pain. She couldn't think of any reason why their home would be set on fire by anyone.

She thought over and over again. Every time before she left home, she would always check on the gas and turn off the electricity because Sean was always home alone. She had to make sure that her brother was safe when he was alone by himself.

But, how did all this happen?

When she went out this afternoon, she remembered that she had done her routine check on the gas and electricity. 'What caused the fire?' she wondered.

After a while, people standing in front of the building had returned to their home as their spontaneous curiosity began to fade. Carla forced herself went upstairs with Sean. As soon as they arrived in front of their door, Carla stopped. Everything in there had been burned to ashes except for the silver frame of the sofa and the TV. It was a terrible scene in every aspect.

She had repeatedly told herself to face it with bravery on her way up; however, the debris of what was once their beloved home had cast a spell on her. She couldn't budge an inch.

Sean had stopped crying before they came up to the building. Maybe his tears had ran out. After seeing their sweet home burned out to ruins, he couldn't help but burst into tears again. He sniffled as he asked his sister, "Carla...Oh no... Oh no... Carla, where will we go..."

It was perhaps too much for a ten-year-old kid to witness his home crumble into nothing. He ran into Carla's arms and cried intensely, forcing himself to forget the ruined place he once called "home".

"Dear Sean, listen. It doesn't matter as long as we are fine. Wherever we are, that's where our home will be." She managed to wipe away his tears and put her hands on his cheeks, as she whispered, "Sean, remember how I always complained about our tiny home? I always wanted to buy a bigger place. Don't you always want a study room? When I have enough money, I will buy one of those houses with a big study room so you can put all your books in there. I promise you!"

Carla struggled to not give away her fears to Sean and locked her teary eyes with Sean's. She knew that Sean was everything she had right now as she patted on his shoulder gently, trying to encourage her little brother and ease his tension.

"Mm, but Carla... this is our home. I like it here than anywhere else..." Sean mewled. New teardrops began to appear from his reddened eyes.

Carla gently wiped his tears again and sighed. She told Sean, "Hey, what goes around comes back around. I don't want to leave here too. But we don't have a choice, do we? Sean, let's be brave. There will always be a place for us. There always will be.

Stay here. I will check around to see if anything is intact. Would you wait for me here?" Sean looked up to Carla and nodded with tears flowing down his little face. Carla stroke his head gently and walked inside their apartment.

Carla looked around at the gate. She was hoping to find something that was left unburned but she failed. Everything was burned down and not a single piece of the apartment was fit for use.

For Carla, the fire was one of the most startling incident in her life. Her entire home had crumbled into dust in a matter of seconds.

It was a heart wrenching moment for her to watch her room and her belongings burnt.

She calculated the entire loss in her head and reckoned that it would take an exorbitant amount of money to recover her apartment. Also, in order to fix the interior and to refurnish the place, it would require even more amount.

Carla knew her financial situation. She wouldn't have enough money for the redecoration and refurnishing. Life really hadn't been easy on her lately.

At this very moment, she regretted returning the ownership of the business shops. If it wasn't for her pride, they should have collected enough rent to rebuild their home soon enough.

She also questioned her choice and wondered that if she should have agreed to be Terence's girlfriend and did what he had asked, at least she would have someone to count on at this moment. Even if Terence eventually realized that she wasn't the one, she could have at least got some compensation from their relationship. Such thoughts flooded her head, which made her gasp for breath. 'Maybe if I had swallowed my pride, Sean would not have been crying for a home right now...' Tears started rolling down her cheeks again but all she could do was to stand there. She at least had to pretend be to strong at this moment for Sean's sake.

'If I hadn't been too stubborn and selfish, the shops would have been enough to earn me the required money to afford another place like this.' She hated herself for only considering herself instead of putting Sean on top of everything.

The endless pursuit of thoughts in her head ended up regretting every decisions she has made in her life and she began weeping like a little child.

She couldn't control her heart anymore. She asked God over and over again why would such a thing happened to her but she didn't seem to get a reply.

This moment, she was at her most fragile state, ever.

When the sun turned orange-red, preparing to set for the day, she stopped weeping and began to find a place for Sean. It was past his bedtime. Since the fire came unexpectedly, Carla didn't have enough time to rent another apartment. Therefore, she decided to stay in a hotel and think about the housing afterwards.

When they found somewhere suitable at a reasonable price, she would take Sean there and designate it as her temporary "home".

Luckily, she brought her purse earlier so that all her cards and ID were alongside her at her disposal.

Though she didn't have much money left on her account, it was enough to pay for their stay in a hotel.

Meanwhile, in a villa at the JA City, with an incredible view of the beach, "Mr. Terence." Rainer walked into the study room and called the young man.


Terence didn't raise his head as he responded. He was sitting on the couch with his eyes fixed on a French grammar book.

"Um Mr. Terence, our informant at the BH City has reported that Miss Carla's place caught a fire around three o'clock this afternoon. But Miss Carla is fine. She was out for her brother's parents' meeting at school so that she and her brother avoided being hurt, fortunately. The cause of the fire has not yet been identified."

Rainer's sudden news sent a chill down Terence's spine. He raised his head hastily and reconfirmed the news with him, "What did you just say? Her place caught a fire?! Tell me everything you know and don't leave out a single word." Terence could feel his blood rush into his brain. He couldn't believe what he had just heard.

"Yes, Mr. Terence. The cause of the fire was first identified as a minor explosion triggered by a leakage of gas. But it is not the official announcement. We are also waiting for the police investigation report," Rainer patiently explained.

"No freaking way..." Terence clenched his teeth and shook his head firmly. After spending several days with Carla, he knew clearly that she wouldn't make such mistakes. She always checked the gas and electricity twice before she left the apartment, especially when Sean was to be left home alone.

"At the moment, Miss Carla and her brother are staying at a nearby hotel. Since the whole place was burned down to ashes, I am afraid she will have a very difficult time. At her age, her finance might not be able to afford the heavy costs for redecoration and furnishing."

Rainer told Terence his judgment

. From within, Rainer himself was deeply concerned about Carla and Sean because after a few days being with them, Rainer liked their personalities and trusted that both of them were people with good hearts.

Terence couldn't sit still anymore. He stood up abruptly and started moving around the room anxiously. When he walked close to the window, he looked outside and wished that he could be there in this very second and try to comfort her. Miles and miles away, his woman must be crying in an unknown hotel. His face reddened all over and his eyebrows arched into a perfect furrow anxiously.

"Mr. Terence, If you'd give the command, I will ask our men to be there at once and give them any support they might need right now." Rainer knew deeply that Carla was the only woman that Terence care about right now. He managed to offer him some sensible advice in this crucial moment.

After a brief silence, Terence let out a heavy breath and shook his head. He slowly explained, "No, don't. As much as I want to be by her side right now, I want to see whether she will think of me and call for help."

His heart ached as he made the cruel decision. Only god knew the intensity of pain his heart was going through at that moment. 'Carla, my dearest Carla. One word from you will make me fly to you immediately no matter what it might take and give you everything that you need. Only if you tell me that you need me...

However, who am I to stand in front of you after your brutal words that struck me like a blow in my heart?' Deep sorrows had taken root inside Terence. Though his heart was bleeding after knowing that he couldn't do anything, an idea suddenly occurred inside him and he gave out his order to Rainer, "But... Rainer. Send all our people available at BH City and find out the exact cause of the fire. Answer to me the moment they find out. Go. I need a detailed report as soon as possible." His forehead began depicting wrinkles after his latest command.

From the last time when he was chased and attacked, he had always suspected that those people might have found out about Carla's apartment. Terence knew that he had to find out who was behind this as soon as possible if the fire were set unnaturally. He couldn't bear the thought of putting Carla and Sean's safety into jeopardy just because they had saved his life once.

In BH City, a lot of people contacted Carla in the past few day and offered some money to help with their situation. However, Carla politely declined their generous offers. She found a very nice and affordable apartment close to Sean's school.

From the beginning when she was looking to rent a place, she had decided to find somewhere near Sean's school since she had resigned her previous job and the location didn't matter to her anymore.

Since she had been staying in a hotel for a couple of nights, the only place she could afford at the current moment was a single apartment with one bedroom and a living room. After she put a table in the living room, their temporary home was all set to be moved into.

Considering that Sean was still at school, he needed a better environment to sleep and do his homework. Thus, she let Sean sleep in the bedroom and placed a mattress for sleeping at the corner of the living room.

Carla was aware that she badly needed a job right now, or she couldn't even afford a small apartment like this without any source of income.

Suddenly, Carla's phone buzzed and she picked it up. "Hey Carla! This is Violet! How have you been?" Violet's merry voice reached Carla's ear like a novel stream of hope. "I am fine. Thank you for asking. What's the matter Violet?" Carla asked her. "Remember last time you told me that you needed a stable job? I have a friend in BH City. He might have a position for you if you are willing to go for an interview tomorrow morning around 9." Violet's help came just in time.

Carla had asked herself many times that what did she learn from the trip to JA City, Violet was the answer. She was so happy to regain this old friend of hers. She came as a ray of hope amidst all these unfortunate happenings.

"Oh my goodness. Thank you very much Violet. I really appreciate it! You don't know how much your help means to me right now. Thank you! Thank you! Do you mind texting me the address later? I will make sure to be there on time, I promise." Carla was so surprised that Violet had remembered a random word she had mentioned a long time ago. There was no way that Violet knew about the incident that Carla's place was burned down by a fire which made her help extremely precious to Carla. All she needed right now was a stable, well paying job.

"Don't thank me this early. You still need to prepare for the interview and pass it within your ability. You can thank me later when you have confirmed your enrolment. Carla, there is a question that has bothered me for a while now. Can you tell me why did you choose to leave a golden bachelor of the most weathy and powerful family in JA City behind and go back to your small place? I don't understand it..."

Violet banked on her curiosity and asked her confidently.

"Violet, come on. I did answer this question last time, didn't I? People have their own choices when it comes to their partner. Although I'm a woman, that doesn't justify the supposed necessity that a woman needs to rely on a man for a living. Maybe it's a yes for other woman, not for me though." Carla disagreed and patiently explained. When she was at JA City, Violet had enquired her a couple of times about why she rejected Terence, the golden bachelor.

"Carla, you know what? You've totally won my admiration. A lot of women said that they don't want to depend on men. But in reality? They are only talkers. But you impressed me by abandoning the golden life that every woman would die for. You are truly a heroine if I may say. I wonder who you were in your previous life. You may have been a royal since you don't seem to give a damn about other people's money in this life. The stubbornness must have been inherited from your previous soul!"

Violet's words encouraged Carla, in every single way. She finally won other people's affirmation which strengthened her belief in herself even more.

Carla knew herself very well. The stubbornness was carved into her bones that nothing could force her to lower her head regardless of the circumstances.

'Maybe this is why she is the only person that Terence cares about, ' Violet thought to herself.

"Violet, stop praising me like this. I really am afraid whether I'm worthy of your praises. Also, don't say the word royalty to me again. It's so cliché to be honest." Carla laughed to Violet through the phone and looked at the clock hanging on the wall. Knowing that Sean could be home in any minute, she wanted to hang up the call and begin cooking dinner.

"Alright Violet, Sean will be home soon and I need to go prepare dinner. Thank you again for the job. I will catch up later!" she said.

After Carla hung up the phone, she danced to the kitchen as a beam appeared on her face. She hadn't been so happy ever since her home was destroyed. Singing in the kitchen happily, she started cooking dinner.

The sun set and rose up soon enough.

After Sean left home for school, Carla put on a new dress which she had bought two days earlier since all her clothes were burned by the fire. She put on some light make up and left for the interview. She was so excited to see what this job was going to offer her.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the BH City, Terence and his bodyguards were standing at the exit of the airport.

"Mr. Terence, the meeting is at 9 o'clock. If we leave now, we may still be able to get there on time," Nathan informed Terence from behind.

On the other hand, Rainer was standing close to Terence, holding his luggage.

"Okay, let's go," Terence slowly responded. He had his eyes fixed to one direction and something was shimmering deep under his dark eyes. 'Hi again, BH City. Hi, Carla, ' he murmured in his heart. While he was lost in thoughts, the same Rolls-Royce lengthened edition had arrived right in front of him. His lips curled slightly indicating a faint smile as he got in the limousine.

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