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   Chapter 54 The Apartment Was On Fire.

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"If Miss Carla hadn't entered the room and given you a piece of her mind, for sure, you would've walked right into their trap and done something you'd surely regret against your will," Rainer carefully said as if he had been threading a needle.

As he was listening, Terence furrowed his brows a little. 'So, that's why, ' Terence pondered to himself, coming to the sudden realization that it was his fault. He already thought something was up immediately after having a drink. If Carla had not come in and later thrown cold water over his pitiful heart, the intense desire and temptation that got stirred up inside of him wouldn't have gone away so easily.

"Um... Mr. Terence. I'm guessing you might've felt an urge to do some things after having that drink. I actually asked the woman called Viola. She told me that she spiked your drink and put three times the regular dose. Are you sure you're really alright?"

Nathan kept on asking because he just couldn't calm himself down, quite unsure if Terence was feeling as well as claimed to be. For a man his age, when the drug finally took effect, an intake three times of the normal dose would completely ignite his passion, making him do whatever it was they were plotting for him to do. However, Nathan was a bit doubtful since Terence wasn't really acting out of the ordinary, looking just as normal as he always would be. 'How could he possibly hold all of this in?' Nathan wondered.

"I'm doing just fine." Terence reassured him, suppressing his raspy voice. Of course, he certainly felt something stirring up within him. But if it wasn't for Carla barging in, he couldn't have been able to manage to subdue his carnal desires on his own.

"Mr. Terence, since Miss Carla is still here, you could probably..." Nathan was so afraid that Terence's body wouldn't be able to bear it anymore after holding it in for so long.

"Shut up!"

Terence, not wanting to let Nathan finish saying what he was about to suggest, strode straight out of the room and extremely furious of Nathan for even thinking of him doing that to Carla.

For Nathan, never in his life had he ever spouted anything unnecessary to Terence. If he didn't find Terence's condition so alarming, there was no way he would've said something so insensitive no matter what.

Soon after Terence had left the room, he immediately called the family doctor up and asked him to give him a shot of Tranquilizer so he could fully restrain his burning lust. And then finally, his urges had started to subside.

After a brief moment, he instantly collapsed against the cushions and couldn't help but recall how distant Carla made him feel. The scene kept on playing on his mind. The way she had acted so indifferently toward him had shattered his heart into pieces, piercing right through his bones. He knew that even if the intake had been ten times the normal dosage instead of just three, his urges could have just as easily died down right after having that conversation.

It hurt so much seeing the woman he cared most deeply about choose to leave his side and pour ice over his burning passion without thinking twice. There was nothing else that mattered to him anymore, not even taking back control over that drugged body of his.

The next day.

It was the last day of Carla and Sean's summer vacation stay at the JA City. She had planned to head home, but not before they could go visit the most popular landscape in JA City—the JA Temple. 'There were indeed breathtaking sceneries around the city, ' she thought to herself. After all of their sightseeing was done, she wanted to take Sean to the railway station and return to the BH City immediately. And, in fact, she had actually already booked the ticket in advance online the night before.

Terence couldn't show up that day. However, he had asked Rainer to accompany them and escort them along the way, just in case they would be needing anything. In the end, he just couldn't bring himself to show his face in front of Carla.

As their day had already been planned ahead of time, Carla politely refused Rainer's offer to, at the very least, drive them to the airport. Rainer didn't try to insist as he understood it would be best for Carla to do these things on her own. Going their separate ways, soon enough, Carla and Sean finally reached the railway station and got on the train as soon as they arrived.

The minute that the train began moving away from the city, everything that had happened seemed to have gone back to the starting point.

She left, barely able to think about all of the things that had transpired. For her, the past few days had truly been so magical, as if it literally came out of a fairytale tailored just for her. However, she had to wake up sooner or later from this pleasant yet tempting dream and accept that her fantasy had ultimately come to an end.

Although fully aware that this trip had been the most wonderful thing that happened in her recent memory, Carla also knew she had to carry on with her own life, her same old typical daily life.

Just like Cinderella, the moment the clock struck 12 at midnight, her beautiful carriage, the shiny glass slipper, and the magnificent dress she was wearing all returned to its original state. The most beautiful princess reverted back to being that poor pitiful girl, while her p

nce as a gift.

Carla was taken aback by Sean's reaction, not knowing how to break it to him that Terence came from an entirely different world beyond their reach and that he was now gone from their world for good. Keeping those thoughts to herself, she tried to put on a smile for Sean and responded, "Hey, don't let them get to you. It's not unusual for them to think you were only making things up.

Compared to any other normal person, Terence is a very outstanding guy, like the brightest star in the sky. He's in a place where no one can touch him. That's why the teacher and your audiences didn't believe you."

Sean nodded along to her words, listening carefully and acting as if he understood it. Soon, the cloud on his face was swept away and a smile was put in its place. His eyes started shining brightly again and he confidently said to Carla, "I get it now. But Carla, one day in the future, I will let everybody know that I wasn't lying!"

Carla paused. However, she just couldn't bear to tell him the harsh truth.

She let out a cough as a faint smile faded away just as quickly as it had appeared, telling little Sean, "Maybe."

Not long after that, they arrived at the bus stop near their neighborhood.

Carla and Sean got off the bus. As they were walking toward their building, several fire trucks quickly drove past them to the direction of their neighborhood.

"Oh, my God! Whose house is on fire?!"

"Yeah, what happened?!"

"I heard that it was only a few blocks away. An apartment is on fire. I wonder if there's anyone home. God bless them."

As they were walking past a group of bystanders, Carla overheard their conversation and her heart started racing. Her head started to spin, and without a word, she grasped Sean's hand and ran toward the direction of their apartment. As she was running, she prayed over and over and over again, hoping nothing was happening to their place, and it would be the same as it was when they left it.

"Carla! Thank god you're not home! Oh my god, I was worried that you and Sean might've still been at home!"

Jena was standing outside of the building. As she heard the fire alarm ring crazy several minutes ago, the occupants in the same building flooded down the stairs. And when she turned around and saw Carla running toward the building, she couldn't wait to yell at them, feeling relieved that they were safe and sound.

As Carla was just about to give Jena a response, she noticed that the dense smoke was actually swirling and billowing from their window. The director was busy sending firemen up on the scaling ladder and shooting the water gun into their balcony.

A surge of blood rushed into Carla's head and she couldn't help but burst into tears. Sean had also just realized that the fire was actually emanating from their apartment. As he had never seen such an unsettling scene before in his life, he began sobbing as well.

"Carla! What is happening up there?! I can't understand! Why is our apartment up in flames?!"

Fear and despair filled his meager young heart and he couldn't stop the tears from falling. "No!! No!! All my books and my bed are still in there! No! And the drone Terence gave me was still in there! Carla! Please ask the fire to stop! Carla! I'm begging you!"

Sean went fully hysterical, going out of control, prancing back and forth out of anger, helplessly screaming and shouting. Carla bit her lower lips a bit too hard that blood started to show at the corner of her mouth, as she watched everything fall to pieces and burn to ashes.

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