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Carla touched her burning cheek gingerly and with a bitter smile she said, "Terence, if I were to stay with you, things like this would happen again and again. It's only just the beginning.

If it's not her, many of your other admirers would do something similar. You won't be able to look after me all the time. Besides, it would be too exhausting for me to have to constantly be on my toes looking out for people like that."

Terence took her hand in his and looked at her sincerely. "Don't worry. As long as I keep those sort of people away, things like that won't ever happen again.

I won't allow anyone to touch a single hair on your head. Trust me."

Carla breathed out a deep sigh. "Terence, there's something I need to tell you. I plan to go back to BH City tomorrow tonight with Sean, and I have already bought the train tickets."

The moment she had finished speaking, the atmosphere had suddenly turned awkward and silent.

"Terence, I only asked for a week off work and the trip back will take another whole day. If I don't go back now I may lose my job."

Terence's handsome face suddenly had a doleful expression as he shifted his eyes and remained silent.

It was understandable that she wanted to go back to BH city.

After all, it was where she was born and had lived all her life, but he couldn't bear the thought of her returning back to her tireless job.

Minutes passed before he finally spoke again, "Okay, but you should change jobs. Food delivery is too exhausting for you, Carla. You should do something that is less demanding."

Since she had already made up her mind, he had to respect her wishes.

Carla didn't respond. She suddenly remembered the other purpose of this trip.

She reached into her bag and pulled out the property title certificates and the bank card.

"I'm sorry. I almost forgot. The money for the two months rent is still on the card. I haven't spend any of it.

I wanted to refuse these shops that day, but there were other people around so I couldn't back then. I was thinking when I had a moment alone with you, I would give it all back."

Carla put the proper

here would still be some hope for them.

Carla had to muster all of her courage to put on a brave face. She had to be convincing, even though she was suffering in silence. She painted a smile on her face and then looked up at him and said in a casual tone, "Okay, Terence. Then so be it.

Just stay in your circle of people. Don't fall in love with someone like me, a food delivery girl who can't match you. If anyone knew, you would be ridiculed and your whole family would become the laughing-stock of JA City,"

said Carla, who masked her sorrow under a smile.

"Terence. You're a really nice guy. I know that I will miss you and I'll probably never meet a guy as nice as you.

But, I really don't deserve you. I know that. We are from two entirely different worlds, a gap of which can't be filled. I don't want you to be mocked for the rest of your life and I don't want to be scoffed at by others, either,"

said Carla as her voice began to tremble with emotions. She was about to stand up to leave, not wanting to cry in front of him.

However, Terence suddenly stood up first

and strode out of the bedroom slamming the door shut behind him.

Terence put his hand to his throat and coughed, agitated. At that moment Nathan quickly approached.

"Mr. Terence. Things have been settled, but— We found out that your drink had been drugged," said Nathan with his head bowed down at the terrible news.

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