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   Chapter 52 Carla Is My Priceless Treasure!

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"No. I'm sorry for disappointing you but no!"

Carla answered without giving it much thought. She took his hand off her chin and went back to eating melon seeds and watching TV.

"I don't believe you," Terence frowned. He had seen her say yes but mean no, so he didn't think she was too dense to feel his love. But he wanted to confirm his speculation as soon as possible so he decided to test it.

Just then, some rattling sounds were heard from outside the door.

"Mr. Terence? Are you there, Mr. Terence?" a woman asked.

Taking a quick look at Carla who hadn't moved, Terence stood up and walked towards the door.

The moment he opened the door, the woman who was calling him walked towards his direction. She then held his hand and pouted like a spoiled child. "Terence, you're the host, so you can't hide your face in here. Otherwise, people will not think that I am welcome here," the woman's voice irritated Carla.

Carla watched as Terence left with the beautiful woman from the door that they forgot to close. She threw the seed shells at the door and murmured, "All men are trash!"

From the faint noise that could reach the room, Carla thought that the people outside must be enjoying themselves.

After some time, Carla noticed that it was getting late.

She decided to leave Sean's room. In contrast to the quiet corridor, it was very noisy on the second floor, so that was where she headed.

There was a Karaoke room on the second floor which she never saw Terence visit. But with how loud the people in the room were being, it was hard to miss the place.

Opening the door, the first thing Carla saw was entangled bodies of men and women under the twinkling lights.

Terence was holding a woman's waist while dancing in the center of the floor. His ecstatic look made him more attractive yet dissolute.

Carla was stunned for a while. Having known him for a long time, it was the first time for her to see him like this.

It seemed reasonable for him to act in that way because as a youth of a rich family, it was expected of him to throw himself into the most exclusive and most high-end of parties where he would be surrounded by all kinds of beauty while drinking the most expensive drinks. After all, he had everything. Why shouldn't he just enjoy life?

The Terence in front of Carla looked totally different. It was hard to imagine that he was still the same Terence that could only see Carla, the Terence that couldn't bear t

hout my permission. Megan is not an exception," Terence ordered.

Then, he held Carla by the waist and they walked out of the Karaoke Room.

"Terence! What are you saying, Terence? Did I do anything wrong?

Why are you treating me like this? I didn't make any trouble! For God's sake, answer me!"

Megan shouted at his back but all she could do was watch him leave.

Unfortunately, Terence simply ignored her.

Megan thought she could hide her secret, but it turned out she was wrong.

How smart Terence was! He was aware that Megan called all of the people to irritate Carla and force her to leave. For Terence, however, he just wanted to make Carla a little jealous and maybe make her confess that she had affections for him.

Although, he didn't expect things could turn bad so suddenly. Carla was slapped by an awful woman

which made him really angry

and crazy!

In his bedroom on the third floor, Terence grabbed the First Aid Kit and put some discutient on Carla's swollen face. He gently said, "Carla, I'm so sorry. It's all my fault! I shouldn't have let them stay here!"

Watching Terence frown nervously and blame himself, Carla grabbed his wrist and consoled him, "Don't say sorry, Terence. It's just a slap. It won't kill me..."

Besides, the punishment that he gave Viola was enough.

"What do you mean by 'just a slap'? Of course, it's not just a slap. I will never allow anyone in the world to hurt you, myself included," Terence earnestly said.

Carla was his priceless treasure and his only love who he cherished the most. He couldn't even bear to hurt her, let alone if it was other people doing it.

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