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   Chapter 51 Megan's Scheme

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"Okay, hold it right there. I can easily manage to apply the sunscreen on my own now," Carla stopped Terence just as he was about to smear sunscreen onto her chest. Taking the sunscreen away from his hands, she began applying it on her own while also shooting Terence quick glares.

Terence was amused by her reaction, for it was so obvious that she was just being shy once again. But he was actually already feeling quite contented after being able to apply the sunscreen onto her back. Her skin felt so soft and supple as he massaged the lotion onto her.

Without them noticing, Sean had already grabbed a lifesaver and gotten into the sea, while Terence was still so busy helping Carla put on the sunscreen. Rainer had been the one taking care of him all the while.

After a few minutes, Terence and Carla were finally done applying the lotion, so they walked slowly and headed toward the sea. "Terence!" shouted Megan, standing from a just couple of meters away. She then walked over to Terence and suddenly informed him, "Terence, I've called a couple of my friends and invited them to come here to join us. The more the merrier. Right? Let's all have a good time here at the beach! You wouldn't mind, would you?"

"What's the point in telling me after the fact?" Terence sarcastically replied, visibly getting a bit annoyed upon her actions.

"Please don't get upset. Next time, I'll be sure to get your permission first. And besides, I've already made the phone calls. I'd hate to be the one to bear the bad news that you don't want them to come over. Please, Terence, can't you just let this one slide?" Appealing to his pity, Megan leaned close to him and swung his arm as they were talking.

It wasn't the first that she had invited people to come over. In fact, she had already held two beach parties there before. Back then, Terence never really did mind at all, so she was under the assumption that he wouldn't get mad at her this time either.

With his brows deeply furrowed, Terence just stayed still, keeping his mouth shut. He would have preferred for him and Carla not to get disturbed by anyone during this vacation, but due to his disposition of not ever wanting to be rude to anyone, he just chose to keep quiet. Holding Carla's hand, he guided her toward the sea. They walked hand in hand by the shoreline, trying to savor the moment before everybody else arrived.

After about half an hour, the friends Megan had invited to come over had all arrived.

It literally became a beach party. The spacious lounge area they had all to themselves earlier had now become a little too crowded. Some of them wanted to immediately plunge headfirst into the water. A small group was getting ready to have a beach volleyball match, and as for the others, they were just eager to grab something to drink.

Lounging the beach chair, Carla watched as a crowd consisting of women surrounded Terence. They were following him wherever he went. All of them had such colorful swimsuits on, and some of them, obviously and shamelessly were trying to throw themselves onto him.

In fact, Carla didn't really expect Megan to call her friends to come over. She knew full well how much Megan deeply loved Terence. Thinking rationally, Megan would've never offered other women any chance to get close to him on a normal day.

"Mr. Terence, do you still remember me? I've attended your party before. I came here two years ago along with my other friends," asked a woman who was standing right next to him. To be fair, she was wearing such a cute sheer dress. As she prattled on, she wore the sweetest smile on her face while clinging tightly onto his arm.

"Yes, of course, I still remember who you are. Sorry if I've been too busy lately that I haven't been able to ask any of you to come over. Go have fun, ladies," he responded, smiling politely back at them. After he was done welcoming them, he quickly turned around and headed toward the sea to go swim.

"That's actually what I've been thinking. Mr. Terence, we haven't been to your house for quite a while. Would you mind showing us around later?" the woman with the sheer dress followed Terence to the seaside and shouted at him with a cunning smile on her face.

Who didn't want to marry a rich man? Well, almost every woman did. This girl wanted to make the most of this opportunity to get Terence to know more about her. She was eager to know more about him as well, on a higher level of intimacy.

She was one of Megan's close friends, so she knew damn well how much Megan loved Terence.

But she didn't really car

ays let you watch cartoons whenever you wanted when you were little?" retorted Carla. Glaring at Sean who looked a bit irritated himself, she threw the husks of the melon seeds into the trash can.

With his brows a bit furrowed, Sean continued complaining, "But... Terence has a lot of TVs in this villa. This is my room. Why can't you just watch it someplace else?"

Before Carla could say a word, a man walked in as the two of them were having an argument.

"Sean was right. I have so many TVs here in the Villa. Is there really a need for you to watch your TV show here?" Terence said.

It seemed he had already finished cleaning himself up and had gotten dressed.

Carla didn't bother humoring him with an answer and simply went on watching the TV. "I want to watch it here. You're my brother. So, I want to spend more time with you during our precious vacation. Is there anything wrong with that?"

Sean pursed his lips after hearing what Carla had said. Turning toward Terence, he said in protest, "Terence, aren't you going to help out your brother-in-law?"

Letting out a brief chuckle, Terence walked up to Sean and said, "Sean, let's be gentlemen. If your sister says she wants to watch the TV in your room, just leave her be. Why don't you go to the next room and watch the TV over there instead?"

"Oh, that's a good idea! Why didn't I think of that?" Sean blurted out. Then, he made a face at Carla and ran out of the room, leaving the two of them to themselves.

Settling down beside Carla on the couch, Terence placed his hand on her waist and hesitantly asked, "Carla, is there something wrong? Is something bothering you?"

Wondering why she had insisted on watching the TV in Sean's room instead of just lounging on hers, he sensed that there was something amiss.

"No, I'm actually quite happy. Why shouldn't I be?" she retorted. Cracking a melon seed, she gazed upon him with a such a puzzled expression.

"Liar," he said with a disparaging smile. Resting his hand on her shoulder, he continued, "I know you're a bit jealous. Do you really think you can hide your feelings from me? I know you're trying really hard not to care, but the truth is... you do care about me."

"Don't think too highly of yourself. I prefer to do things at my own pace, especially in relationships. There's no need for me to settle down right away. We haven't known each other for very long yet. What makes you think that I can't live without you already? Truth is, I'm not in such a rush to get hooked up with anyone right now," Carla carelessly said.

She was aware that what she had said to him was a bit harsh, but she wasn't really in a good mood, so she couldn't hold herself back.

After hearing all of the things she spouted, Terence just kept quiet. His face turned gloomy, and he suddenly stretched out his arm. Holding onto her chin, he forced her to turn her head and face him.

"Look me in the eyes and say that to my face one more time. Didn't you feel anything while you were watching me get flocked by all those other women?"

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