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   Chapter 50 The Party At The Seaside

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 12718

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After hearing all the things that Terence had said, Carla was at such a loss for words that she was fuming with intense rage.

All she wanted to do was to teach her brother a simple lesson, but for what stupid reason did Terence suddenly start talking about their future baby from out of nowhere?

"It looks like we're going to end up being strict parents in the future. Basically, I think it would be for the best if one of us acts strictly with our children," Terence chattered as he grabbed the game controller and sat down with his legs crossed beside Sean.

Even though Carla had just kept silent as he babbled on, she was actually already feeling a bit exasperated.

First of all, they weren't even married yet, so why the heck would Terence start blabbering about having a baby? With all these thoughts in Carla's mind, she just surmised that he could've just been fantasizing a lot and all of it was just caused by his delusions.

At that moment though, Sean blurted out something stupid that just made her much more irritated than she already was.

"Terence, I prefer being around boys more than girls. So if by the time the two of you finally get married and have a son instead of a daughter in the future, then I would be able to go out and play with him. If that ever really ends up happening, that would surely make me a lot happier!" Sean remarked as he was having a great time playing a game. After all, it was not often that he'd have an older brother figure who he could play with.

Throughout his childhood, Sean had always preferred playing with boys his age rather than girls, thinking that it would be harder to get along with girls and that he'd have a better time if he hung out among the boys.

"Sure! That's a great idea. However, it doesn't really matter much to me whether your sister will give birth to a baby boy or a baby girl. I will be sure to love him or her unconditionally nonetheless," Terence responded while having a good time playing with Sean and also casting a glance at Carla who was desperately trying to contain her anger.

"Well, if ever you end up having a son, what would you like to name him?" Sean pried ever further.

That ended up being the final straw. Carla just couldn't take it any longer, so she sprung up and went to open the balcony's door so she could take a breath of fresh air outside.

With Sean and Terence on her mind, she wondered what kind of people would think too far ahead and plan as if it would be set in stone.

Upon reaching the balcony, Carla immediately gasped for fresh air. She, just then, came upon the sudden realization that her brother had been steadily getting along more and more with Terence, and that this had started deeply bothering her.

They had been cooperating so well with each other, especially when it came to playing tricks on her in order to annoy her. In fact, they've actually been able to pull it off more and more smoothly than ever before.

When Carla was somehow finally able to calm herself down and get herself to relax, she happened to chance upon a beautiful woman waving at her on a beach not far away.

"Carla!" Heading toward Carla, Megan promptly asked her, "What's the matter? Why did you all suddenly hide yourselves from me as soon as you saw me come here acting as if I've ruined the pleasant atmosphere you have been having?

I think you've already had enough time to rest and you're not feeling tired anymore. The weather feels perfect today, so why don't we all come outside and go for a swim?"

Gazing at Megan who was wearing such a sexy yellow swimsuit, Carla couldn't hold back her laughter, thinking that this woman was beginning to get really devious with her tactics.

It was barely a few moments ago when Megan told her she wanted to play on the swing

e, which was why people could easily get sunburnt there.

Realizing that he was really just being concerned about her, Carla couldn't say anything and decided to just remain silent.

It would have been better if she had applied the screen a few minutes before coming out of the villa. Unfortunately, she didn't really think that it would be necessary at all, unaware that the heat would be so intense.

There was never really any chance for her in the past to go to the beach for a swim during holidays, so she had no prior experience and, because of that, she wouldn't think of applying sunscreen whatsoever.

"Come over here!" Terence quickly grabbed Carla's hand, pulling her into the beach chair, and taking the sunscreen from one of his servants. Then, he later got her to lie face down on the chair so he could help her apply the sunscreen on her back.

As she was taking quick peaks at Terence and Carla who looked like they were so close to each other, Megan, wearing her sunglasses, began to pull a long face. She had known Terence for such a long time, and they often went swimming even when they were still so little.

However, she had never seen Terence so considerate and acting that nice to her.

It was so disappointing and depressing for Megan to see Terence acting so nice toward Carla. In the past, she had always thought that Terence was already treating her well, but now, she realized that Terence had just always seen her as a friend.

And it appeared as if he only cared for Carla from the bottom of his heart.

Now, Megan was beginning to get more and more jealous of Carla.

Even since she was a young girl, there hadn't been a time where she didn't dream of putting on a wedding dress and marrying Terence. And over the years, she still kept having that same dream. She was so anxious to spend a wonderful lifetime with him, wanting to be as happy every single day as they were when they used to play together when they were younger. However, the wonderful dream she had been waiting for so many years to come true was about to fall to pieces.

Unwilling to accept defeat, Megan thought that she should take action in order for her to win back Terence's heart. Otherwise, she would surely be regret it if she just let Carla end up with Terence and if she didn't try to come between them.

If Carla and Terence ever got married in the future, that would mean her long wait over the years would all be in vain by then.


There was just no way she would simply let those things happen.

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