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   Chapter 49 When We Have Our Own Baby, You Are Not Allowed To Hit Him

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9690

Updated: 2019-05-20 16:01

Carla couldn't help the blush from appearing on her cheeks. Terence was closely watching her, making her forget to retaliate.

"No, nothing... I..." Carla attempted to speak.

"Let me guess. Was I on top in your secret little fantasy? Or do you prefer some other styles? Like from the back?" Terence whispered in her ear, his warm breath tickling her delicate earlobe, leaving her shivering like a leaf. With some clothes on his left hand, Terence wrapped his other hand around her waist. He gazed upon her with the right corner of his mouth turning up just a little bit.

"Ahem," Carla faked a cough. Then, she looked away from him, but it did nothing to appease the beating of her heart. Although struggling, she finally spoke, "I'm hungry now. I want to get something to eat."

Terence let go of her waist and as he looked down at her with a smile he said, "Carla, remember everything I did to you in your dream. In the near future, I would like to try them all, one by one."

"..." Carla was unable to speak.

"Let's go. You said you're hungry, right? Let me take you to eat," Terence excitedly stated.

Up until then, Carla wasn't fully awake. Her face went even more flushed because of what Terence said. On top of that, she was actually recalling the positions in her dream after he asked her about it! So shameful!

Seeing that Carla was still in a daze, Terence couldn't help but smile. "I've never thought that she would be so adorable when she's a little confused," he murmured with love in his eyes.

They had planned to relax at home for the whole day, so Terence didn't schedule any activities far away from his house.

Besides, Terence's villa was grand. So even if they stayed at home for a whole year, they wouldn't get bored.

"Wow, this is so exciting! Rainer, higher, higher!"

At a private park which was near the sea, Sean was on a swing. Every time he was pushed high in the air, he would get a good view of the sea as if he could touch the waves. It made him very happy.

Wearing a sunbonnet, Carla was sitting under a tree. She smiled upon seeing Sean's happy face.

It had been the first time in a long time that she was seeing him really happy since their parents passed away three years ago.

During those years, he seldom laughed as happily as today. Obviously, Terence's presence in his life made him feel that he was being cared for by his loved ones again.

In the past, he could get his sister's love and care. However, it always seemed like it wasn't enough.

As soon as Terence ended his call, he walked towards Carla and sat next to her. "Why don't you go swing there?" he asked, looking at the other swing.

Before Carla came to the villa, they only had one swing. But Terence thought that she might like things such as swings.

So he asked his workers to build another one at a spot where she could get a good view of the sea.

enched his jaw.

"Bryant, go and investigate Johnny Ouyang's recent schedule. Whether it's work or his personal life, I want to know everything. I need to know it as soon as possible," Terence ordered.

After these words, , Terence quickly hung up the phone.

He murmured, "Johnny Ouyang?

Both of our families have been staying on our own sides for so many years. Now, he couldn't wait anymore so he decided to help Marcus.

Or maybe he has been holding a grudge all these years. He still remembers the conflict between our families several years ago, doesn't he?"

"Terence? I want to play computer games. Can you play with me? My sister is really stupid when it comes to games!" All of a sudden, the balcony's door opened and Sean's head poked out from it.

"Okay! I'll be there in a second," Terence's mood quickly changed. Regaining his sanity, Terence felt very happy when he realized that Sean was so fond of him. He quickly stopped the whirlwind of his thoughts and prepared to play with him.

The moment he stepped foot in the dining hall, a pillow came flying towards him.

"Sean Ji, what did you say? Who's stupid? Is it you or me? Say it again in front of me!"

Carla scolded his little brother. One hand was placed boldly on her hip and one hand was pointing fingers at Sean.

"Carla, your hand speed is very slow. I think it will be better to play with Terence," Sean explained. Carla didn't play computer games that often. Most importantly, it was known to everyone that boys were better than girls at playing computer games.

"Sean Ji,"

Carla cried, trying her best to control her anger. When she was about to hit Sean, Terence walked over and stopped her.

"Carla, don't hit him. After all, he's just a kid. Another thing... We're going to have our own baby in the near future. Will you hit our baby all the time?"

With a smile on his face, Terence asked as he hid Sean behind him.

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