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   Chapter 48 The Damn Wet Dream

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9490

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Terence uttered those words in a hoarse voice, and then he released his grip and stopped pushing her, drawing her onto the pool edge.

Carla, who almost choked on water, wheezed. Weakly, she glared at Terence while still lying on top of him.

She was extremely frightened and nervous when Terence suddenly dragged her into the water. Moreover, he even deliberately took the chance to kiss her in the water, so she felt much more exhausted.

After taking a rest for a little while, Terence became full of energy again, his eyes burning with passion.

He stood up and bent over to lift Carla into his arms.

"I'll take you back. It's cold in the evening, so be careful. Try not to catch a cold again."

Before Carla could give him a response, Terence walked toward the villa carrying her in his arms.

When they got back to the bedroom, Terence fetched the clean bathrobe for Carla to change and took a towel to help her dry her hair.

"I think I have to help you dry your hair with the hairdryer. Otherwise, you won't be able to go to sleep early tonight as it is already way too late now, and it will take too long if you just wait for your hair to get dry." He brushed her wet long hair with his fingers and then stood up to fetch the hairdryer.

Carla was disappointed in him for peeing on her just now. However, when she saw that he focused mainly on drying her hair and ignored his own wet clothes and hair, she began to think that this man seemed to be starting to care more and more about her.

The hairdryer let out a loud noise as it blew hot air over Carla's hair.

Wrapped in a dry bathrobe, Carla sat on a chair and enjoyed the moment as Terence helped her dry her hair. She couldn't help but want to see what he looked like while drying her hair, so she raised her head and took a quick glance at him.

But she was surprised to see that his eyes were also lingering on her at that very moment.

"What's wrong? Are you tired?"

Noticing her glancing at him, Terence thought that she might intend to ask why he hadn't made her hair dry yet. Thus, he quickly dried her hair with the hairdryer for a short while and then turned it off immediately after touching her hair and finding that it was actually almost dry already.

"You should go to sleep early. I also need to go back now,"

Terence said, casting a glance at her, after which he turned around, about to leave the room.

"Wait a minute..." Carla shouted abruptly.

He stopped and turned to face Carla, his eyes fully set on her.

Coughing gently to clear her throat, Carla stood up and pointed toward the chair and told him, "Please sit down. I'll help you dry your hair. It's not good for you to just let your hair stay wet like that."

Although Terence could simply go and dry his hair by himself, it would be much faster and much more

on the bed in an ill-tempered manner, after which he strode toward the bathroom.

After sitting up from the bed, Carla glanced toward the bathroom and slapped her face to fully wake herself up, biting her lips.

"Carla, what's wrong with you? Why would you have such a shameful dream?" she muttered under her breath.

She was 23 years old, so it was normal for her to think of or dream about something related to sex. However, today she almost...

After about half an hour, Terence came out of the bathroom, wrapping a bath towel around his body.

"Terence, I'm sorry,"

Carla, who had already changed her clothes, apologized.

After all, it was all her fault.

Terence was just a man, but he could still manage to hold back his desire even though it was technically Carla who had seduced him in such a sexy way just moments ago. It seemed that he must have had a very hard time letting her go and calming himself down.

"Why are you apologizing to me? You didn't do anything wrong. It's my fault. I shouldn't have come here when you were having a dream.

Anyway, I'm still very happy, because you dreamt of me and even did those kinds of things with me in your dream. I'm satisfied with that even though such a thing can't become a reality at present,"

Terence said, after taking a deep breath. Then he made his way to the wardrobe and fetched a set of clothes, planning to change his clothes in the adjoining room.

Carla didn't expect him to see it that way. However, in fact, she indeed had dreamt that she and Terence...

With this in mind, everything happening in her dream flashed clearly through her mind. All of it just felt so real.

"Are you thinking of your dream now? Can you share it with me? Tell me. What did I do in your dream? What kind of poses did I make?"

Terence suddenly asked with a playful smile, bending over and leaning toward Carla.

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