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   Chapter 47 You're Still Wet Behind The Ears

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8047

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The water in the swimming pool was pleasantly warm after a long day of sunshine. Even though it was dark now, Carla didn't feel cold at all.

'Ahh— This feels so wonderful.'

She held onto the edge with her back against the wall and paddled her feet leisurely in the water. Missing out on the opportunity to go diving earlier today, she made up for it with a relaxing swim alone, instead.

While Carla was discreetly enjoying some time alone in the pool, a room on the third floor of the villa was dimly lit.

But, because it was a full moon that cast a frosty light all about, the dimly lit room wasn't easily visible.

"Mr. Terence. You're not in bed yet!" Rainer said surprised.

He was on duty tonight. When he patrolled the house, he noticed the door to Terence's room was half open and went to check it vigilantly.

On entering his room, he discovered Terence perched on the window sill, observing something through a telescope.

"Mr. Terence, what are you watching? Is there a UFO outside?" he asked with some humor behind the question. There was no response from Terence. He ignored Rainer and continued looking through the telescope. Rainer's curiosity was further piqued so he leaned over the sill to see for himself.

However, before he got a chance to see anything, Terence pushed him back and said in a low commanding voice, "Just go! It's none of your business! Get back to work!"

He then went back to watch something through his telescope with great interest.

Rainer scratched his head feeling puzzled. He didn't understand why Terence was being so secretive, yet he had no choice but to obey. As he walked outside, he mumbled to himself, "What's outside? I have a telescope in my room as well—"

Terence straightened up upon hearing what Rainer had said. He yelled back at him, "Come back!"

"What do you need, Mr. Terence?"

Rainer turned around and bowed respectfully.

However, Terence had daggers in his eyes and commanded him in a sullen voice, "Rainer, I want you to confiscate all the telescopes in the villa. Don't leave one piece, including yours!"

"What?" Rainer was astonished at his order.

"Do it! Now!" Terence commanded coldly.

"Yes, sir!"

Rainer was at a complete loss as to why Terence would order such a thing. Even so, he didn't dare question his boss. He immediately turned around to carry out the order.

Terence poured himself a gl

he argued brazenly

Seeing that he was so shameless and cunning, Carla was too angry to fight back. Instead she thought of an idea. Her eyes lit up and she smiled.

"Really? Do you want to see some more of me?" she asked seductively.

Terence was shocked. He thought that he had misunderstood her at first. But when he saw her seductive smile, he thought she had finally given in and was willing to give herself to him.

"Carla, it's not a suitable place here. How about we go back to my room?" he said in a husky voice, staring at her with excitement in his heart.

"Come here," Carla whispered waving to him.

Seeing that he was taking the bait, Carla couldn't help grinning.

Terence smiled from ear to ear and hurried to her. "You can't wait any longer? You should have told me earlier that you wanted me! You know, I've been having a hard time controlling myself around you."

As he spoke, Terence reached out to her waist and leaned down, about to kiss her.

However, before he did, he was pushed back hard.

But Terence had always been swift and he immediately grasped Carla's bathrobe. The next moment both of them fell into the pool, making a large splash.

Carla and Terence both sank down.

Before she could resist, Terence pulled her towards him and covered her lips with his, sealing all her complaints.

She had aroused him and started a passionate fire within him. He had to express his unfulfilled desire and disappointment through this fierce kiss.

"My darling Carla, you want to trick me, huh? Unfortunately, you're still wet behind the ears—" he grinned.

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