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   Chapter 46 Chance For Carla To Practice

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"Go ask the maid to bring you one if you want," Terence grabbed his cup, squinting at Megan, and then he put it down on the side close to Carla.

"Don't be so mean. We've already shared a bed. It's just one drink."

Megan stood up playfully and took the chance while Terence wasn't looking. After quickly taking his wine glass, she gulped it down within a few seconds.

Terence's frown deepened, and he said, "That was back when we were still little kids."

However, Megan had already achieved her goal and smiled smugly. She gave a glance at Carla and said, "Carla, Terence and I are gonna get engaged. Why don't you stay longer and attend our engagement ceremony?"

Before Megan finished her words, Terence stood up and gave her a furious glare and said, "Megan, don't piss me off. Now, you'd better get back to your own home."

After he said that, he turned and went toward the villa.

As soon as he left, Carla stood up as well and followed him immediately. The host had left them, so she, as a mere guest, wasn't in the mood to eat anymore.

Besides, with jealous Megan there, how could she enjoy the food?

"Wait, Carla," Megan, still sitting there with a fork in her hand, called out to Carla.

"I think you could see it clearly now. Terence and I are a couple. We're going to get married sooner or later. If you've still got even just an ounce self-respect, you should disappear from his side.

If you think that what I offered you is not enough, just tell me. I will give you whatever it is that you ask for."

As she was saying that, she put down the fork on the table angrily and stood up.

"You should know that if you hadn't saved Terence, you wouldn't ever have any chance to meet him all your life! And the two of you would never even be so close. You two come from two different worlds, and you're not meant to be together."

Carla originally didn't really want to say a word about the thing between Megan and Terence, but now, she herself had been judged by Megan in such a rude way. She became a bit irritated and impatient, just enough for her to push her hair to the back of her ear and respond, "Megan, you're probably right, but what a shame; there is no if in reality." Carla turned to look directly at Megan without flinching. "If I am not mistaken, it seems to me that Terence doesn't really like you. Otherwise, you two would've already gotten married.

So, no matter how hard you pretend to be intimate with him, you can't hide the fact that

Terence is indifferent to your love."

Carla laughed lightly, but

er step, Terence carried her back to the bed.

"Carla, who says you are a guest? You are the hostess here. And as the hostess, of course, you have to sleep in the host's room," Terence said seriously as if he was telling Carla something like "one and one equals two".

Carla was at a loss for words.

"Carla, I think it's still a bit early. How about we go to the garden to enjoy the cool breeze?" Terence said with a cunning smile and his eyes deeply fixated on her unbuttoned collar.

Carla instinctively reached her hand to cover her chest. "No, as I've told you already. I'm too tired."

"Okay, then I'll just go by myself." Terence drew back his attention, giving her waist a squeeze, and then he smiled in embarrassment.

Carla stared back at him thinking, 'You promised me you wouldn't lay a hand on me. It has barely even been a day since you said that. Have you forgotten it so soon?'

Deep at night.

It was a good thing that Terence just said that. He didn't really even bother trying to convince her to let him sleep next to her.

Carla set the alarm of the clock and tried to get some sleep. When the alarm finally went on, she woke up, yawned, and then took a look at the time.

At this hour, Terence couldn't possibly be still swimming in the pool.

She had been itching to go for a swim in that pool ever since they got there, but she couldn't because she didn't want Terence to know. So, she had to pick the right time and went there in secret.

At this hour, she could enjoy it freely by herself under the moonlight. It should be great.

After changing into her swimsuit, she immediately put on a night-robe and sneaked out of the room and went downstairs.

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