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   Chapter 45 Declaration

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 14806

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Carla strode to Sean angrily.

She slapped Sean on the back and yelled at him with rage, "Sean! I have been searching for you everywhere! Why did you leave without a word?! Do you know how worried I was about you?

You almost drove me insane!"

"Ouch, Carla! That really hurts! I am sorry. I am so sorry!"

Sean felt her intense anger so in order to appease her, he just repeatedly nodded his head to express his apology. He gazed at his sister helplessly and murmured, "Carla, while I was waiting for you I got so hungry. That's when Terence found me. He told me that he brought some snacks for me. I did not think that it will make you panic so I decided to follow him.

Terence is our friend, isn't he? I didn't give it much thought. I am really sorry."

Terence stood up and placed Sean behind his back. Then he said gently, "Carla, I am the one at fault here. Don't blame the little kid."

Terence grabbed Carla's hand and dragged her towards the fountain close by.

"Carla, listen. I don't know how my father found you and I know that he must have said something hurtful to you. I know it was hard to listen to him. If I guessed correctly, he has threatened you to leave me.

However, I just want to make it clear to you... My father was right about us. He was wrong to assume that you were the one that seduced me. You are not obsessed with me but I sure as hell am obsessed with you! I don't want to leave you, Carla. I don't care if you tell them that I'm a stalker. I don't even care if you tell them that I'm a pervert. I love you and I want to be with you.

My sole purpose in staying at your place is because I want to get to know you more. I want you to get to know me too. I was hoping that maybe someday, you will realize that you love me and eventually agree to marry me. I know it sounds weird to you and I know that this is not easy. However, my purpose is clear. You are my purpose, Carla.

Like what Shakespeare said, "All for the purpose not to marry out of love is where bullying." That's what I was planning."

Terence poured his heart out for her to see. However, Carla just stared right at his face. She could feel the extreme tenderness and sincerity from both his words and expression. His eyes darkened and his brows furrowed. It seemed to Carla that he was really trying his hardest to convey his feelings to her.

Terence winked at her as if he had thought of something. He then added, "Also, Carla. I want you to know something. My father is not the one who is in charge of our family. You know who is? My grandfather. He is in charge. Keep that in mind." Terence looked at her motionless face then gently caressed her on the cheek. Tenderly, he whispered, "You and my grandfather were both in a hurry when you and him met last time. I will arrange another meeting and formally introduce you to him as my girlfriend.

As long as he accepts you, not a word from my father or other people will count. Believe me. You are in good hands."

Although Terence's words sent a huge wave of relief into her heart, she could not bear to be in a family that had that level of complication. However, there was a little voice in her heart that whispers, 'Don't you like him?' Of course she liked him! Her feelings toward Terence had grown drastically after their days of living together. Nevertheless, she didn't want to live her life full of worries. His father just threatened her to leave. What would be next? She sighed and shook her head. She suddenly grew tired so she sat on the stairs of the fountain.

After a little bit of thinking, she stared at Terence and said calmly, "Terence, I don't want to be rude. I understand and appreciate what you have just confessed. However, you also need to know. Neither did I plan to nor even think of being a part of your family. You are barking up the wrong tree so don't waste your time."

After she spoke her mind, she lowered her head and looked at the ground. Deep inside, she knew that Cinderella meeting Prince Charming did not just happen in real life. The huge difference between their identities had made their future with each other complicated. Plus, she was just a simple person. Complications did not suit her.

All she wished for was to raise Sean up with her efforts and live a peaceful life with him.

"Carla, I know you don't want to get into trouble because of my family. I am confident that all your worries won't come t

lso invited to play songs while they were enjoying the food. With Megan in the house, he was forced to change his plan into a normal dinner.

"Carla, where do you plan to go tomorrow? If you don't mind, I will recommend myself as your tour guide for the rest of your trip! I know a place that every girl on the planet would wish to go. I think you will like it!"

Megan grinned at Carla as if nothing had happened outside of the house.

Carla was not impressed with her offer. She stopped cutting the sirloin on her plate and replied after she scanned through Terence's emotionless face, "I appreciate your invitation but I have to decline your offer. I think I will stay in the house and take a rest from all the 'sightseeing'." Carla recalled her two-day stay and sighed deeply.

"Come on Carla. I assume you don't get to travel a lot. Since you are already here, why don't you go out and have some fun! Go out as much as you can so you won't regret coming to JA City later! Don't you think so?" Megan insisted as she glanced at Terence.

On the other side of the table, Terence shut himself out from Megan and concentrated on cutting his steak. Suddenly, Megan reached her fork into Terence's plate and took the small piece away. She then put the steak into her mouth and acted as if taking the food out of his plate was a completely normal thing between the two of them. Megan continued her conversation with Carla as if nothing happened, "Oh Carla, how many days are you planning to stay?"

Terence was annoyed with the insensible woman. He put down his utensils and stared at Megan.

"I asked a week off from work. I don't really know for sure. I might leave any day now. My boss Karen is a very nice woman. I think she won't mind if I stay a day longer or shorter."

Carla behaved normally even after seeing them taking food off each other's plates and "flirting". Since she didn't hear a word of complain from Terence, she assumed that Megan and him had a pretty good relationship.

"What did you say? Carla, why are you still working? I remember the Ans have given you several business shops. The rent of those shops should be more than enough to support you and Sean even if you decide to stop working. Why don't you quit your job and start enjoying your life?"

As she was asking Carla, she pouted at Terence and acted cutely as she waved her empty wine glass at him and clinked his wine glass with hers. Carla noticed that her cup was almost empty but Terence hadn't drink any of his wine.

Clearly, Megan was signaling to him that they should exchange their wine glass.

Unfortunately, Carla caught everything with her eyes. She went speechless because of Megan's weird actions.

'Even a blind person can see that she was sending a declaration. She wants me to know that Terence is hers.' Although Carla understood the meaning behind her obvious actions, she stayed silent and kept working on the sirloin on her plate.

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