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   Chapter 44 Divergence

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When Carla heard Edmund's request, she removed her hand from Terence's grip. She walked out of the room to wait outside.

"Terence, you have always been against me ever since you were young. I guess you haven't changed at all. Megan's father and I already agreed on a marriage between you two. Why are you hanging out with this woman now? Do you want to embarrass me in front of Megan's father?"

Edmund questioned Terence as he pounded the table.

"Listen to me. If you're only looking for fun, I can turn a blind eye. If you insist on marrying someone else, I can also give you that. But it must only be to someone from the Hua family. Please keep that in mind!"

Terence lowered his head and murmured, "Dad, why don't you just let Marcus marry Megan, or Rhys? It doesn't have to be me, you know."

"How dare you!" Edmund choked.

It was an open secret between the Ans.

Marcus and Rhys were Edmund's bastards. They had been born from other women before Edmund got married. Nicholas was a very proud man who valued his family very much. He never acknowledged Edmund's two bastards.

The only one that Nicholas acknowledged as the son of the Ans, was Terence.

Theoretically, Terence was the only true-born son of the Ans.

He was the only one who can marry a daughter from a prestigious family. Marcus and Rhys could never do so because of their circumstances.

"How many times do I have to tell you? I'm the only one who gets to decide who I will marry. Like grandpa, I don't care whether or not my wife comes from a prestigious family. As long as she is properly and legally married to me, she is welcome into our home. I don't even care if she's a beggar's daughter,"

Terence said coldly. When he was finished, he turned and left the room without looking back.

Back then, Edmund had refused to marry anyone. He was afraid that if he got married, his time with different women would end. He had been involved in several love affairs and had even produced two sons accidentally. The birth of his two sons out of wedlock did not prevent him from continuing with his Casanova lifestyle. It was never his intention to marry.

Nicholas was the one who forced him into one. That was the reason why Edmund eventually married Terence's mother.

However, Edmund never liked his wife, which in turn, made him care little about Terence.

As soon as Terence was out of the room, he saw Carla wandering around outside.

Carla noticed him immediately and walked towards him. "Did your father give

t room area.

"OK, sis. I will stay here. Take your time," Sean nodded. He was holding her purse in one hand and the bottle of drink in the other.

After making sure that Sean was properly seated, she went to the toilet.

When she got back, she searched for Sean at the bench under the tree where she had left him. Sean was nowhere in sight! Sean disappeared!

'Did Sean go to the toilet too?

If not, then where did he go?' she thought. "Sean! Where are you?

Please answer me! I'm getting worried! Sean! Sean, please!"

Carla cried out his name. She was so scared that her heart was beating very fast. Her whole body was trembling violently.

"Not a good time for hide and seek, Sean! Show yourself! Please! Sean..."

Carla looked around for Sean anxiously. Tears were running down her face. Her voice was shaking from fright.

"Sean? If you're playing a joke on me please stop! Where are you?

Sean, please answer me!"

After a few heartbeats, she finally found him.

Carla closed her eyes and let out a heavy sigh of relief. She wiped the tears from her face and calmed herself down. She then strode towards Sean.

Sean was sitting on the grass nearby.

He was sitting on top of a blanket. Aside from the blanket, there were also ice watermelon juice, ice puddings and a refreshing plum juice. These were all Sean's favorite snacks!

Sean was happily eating the snacks. He was so busy with eating that he forgot all about his sister. He did not even notice that she was frantically looking for him.

There was a man who was sitting leisurely beside Sean, watching him devour all the food and drinks.

That man was none other than Terence.

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