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   Chapter 43 Meeting Terence's Father

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"Hello, Miss Ji. My boss wants to talk to you. Are you available now? Just five minutes. You can come back immediately after,"

said the middle-aged man who stopped in front of her.

Carla looked at him in disbelief. She thought that he must have mistaken her for someone else. She pointed at herself and asked, "Are you sure your boss wants to talk to me?"

"Of course, Miss Ji," the man replied with a smirk.

Carla hesitated and glanced at Rainer who stood not far away from her.

Rainer stepped forward and told her in a low voice, "He is working for Mr. Terence's father. Miss Ji, be careful!"

"Hmm. I see!" Carla was very nervous. Sean and Terence dived into the water and she was all alone.

She could see Sean wave to her excitedly in the wather.

"Rainer, take some pictures of Sean for me, will you? I'll be right back!"

After talking to Rainer, Carla glanced at Sean and left with the man.

Terence was diving in the water when he saw Carla leaving. He frowned and made a gesture to Nathan before he left the water.

Carla was still in shock.

Did the people of the An family have super powers?

They got her information not long after she arrived. Moreover, they found her in such a short time and came to get her in Terence's absence. How could they possibly do that?

Two bodyguards stood outside the aquarium park's cafe.

Carla came in and saw that there was only one man inside the room and he was sitting next to the window. He was about fifty, but because of his thick hair, he looked younger than his age. At first glance one might think that he looked similar to Terence. But when Carla looked at him carefully, she found that they were very much different.

She had seen Terence's brother before. She realized that Rhys and his father had the same appearance.

Terence, however, did not look as arrogant as the two of them. Terence was much more well-behaved and elegant.

"You really are from a small, uncivilized place. You are nothing but a country girl. How dare you? You didn't even have the decency to greet me. Did your parents not teach you the proper way of greeting the elderly? How rude," Edmund mocked. He was making tea from a small porcelain tea pot.

"Mr. An, this is ou

filled a cup of tea for herself and drank it.

"Mr. An, please forgive my rudeness. But you should really teach your son to behave himself. That would be all. Thank you and Good bye!"

When she was finished, she turned around, and readied herself to leave..

However, just when she started to walk away, she saw Terence coming over from the door.

"Carla, how can you speak ill of me behind my back? Is that really what you think of me?" He said in a low voice as he was approaching her. He grabbed her hand and took her to face Edmund once again.

"Dad, can you please tell me why you are here?" Terence asked with Carla beside him.

Edmund still hadn't recovered from the shock he got from Carla's bold statement. He also got very angry when Terence grabbed her hand. He snorted and said, "Are you admitting it then, Terence? Are her claims the truth?"

All this time he had thought that the girl was seducing Terence shamelessly with her tricks. But now it seemed that his son had lost his mind and was really pursuing a low-born girl.

"Yes, it's true. Even though Carla can sometimes be a little too straightforward, she has a very kind and friendly nature. Most importantly, I love her. It's good that you met each other today. I was planning on taking her to meet you anyway."

Because of Terence's statement, Edmund almost choked on his tea.

"Miss Ji, can you please just give us some space and excuse us for a while? I need to talk to Terence," Edmund said finally.

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