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   Chapter 42 Brother-in-law

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"Race, what's up?"

"Mr. Terence, I have something to tell you. After Mr. Rhys came back yesterday, he spread the news of what happened with you and Miss Carla to the whole An family. Even your father has heard about it now. Mr. Nicholas asked me to call you and tell you to be careful.

You also know your father's temper very well. At present, he has sent people to investigate Miss Carla's background. I'm afraid that he'll be coming for you soon enough..."

Race informed him over the phone.

The Mr. Nicholas that Race mentioned was Terence's grandfather.

And Terence's father was Edmund An.

Now that the condition of the Ans became complicated, it became too difficult to explain everything with just a few words.

Upon hearing the news from Race, Terence was left speechless.

After pondering over it for a while, he finally spoke, "I got it. Ask grandfather to take a good rest. I will go back to visit him in a couple of days."

"Okay, I will inform him. Mr. Terence, Mr. Nicholas also told me to ask you one more question. Are you serious this time?" Race remarked.

Nicholas told Race to ask this question just to be sure of the fact. If Terence really loved Carla and was serious about this matter, he could help him plan what to do and prepare in advance.

If not, Carla, without precaution, might get end up in a difficult situation as getting involved with the An family was full of danger.

Well, there might be also a chance that she could still be safe, but only if Terence tried his best to protect her.


Terence uttered gently, stealing a glance at Carla sitting beside him.

After hanging up the phone, Terence gradually looked out of the window, his mouth twisting into a wry smile.

By rights, parents might show the greatest affection for the youngest son and dote on him the most, but Terence's father didn't like Terence very much even though he was the youngest son.

On the contrary, Terence's grandfather was the one who had always treated him very well.

Terence's father didn't have as many connections and as high a position compared to that of his grandfather's, so he wouldn't ever dare to take action to against him. And in this way, Terence could grow up safely and smoothly in the family.

"Terence, what's wrong?" Sean shook Terence's hand after seeing him stay silent, wondering whether someone told him something unpleasant over the phone.

"Is everything okay? Did the person you were talking to through the phone say something to displease you?"

Sean asked, his voice filled w

dn't always stay with me every day. After I was attacked and harmed by others last time, my grandfather decided to make them be my bodyguards,"

Terence continued, walking alongside Carla.

"Oh." Carla wanted to ask just now, why he had been attacked and chased by others in BH City even though Nathan and Rainer were by his side. Now, she found out that when he got assaulted at that time, Nathan and Rainer hadn't been sent to be his bodyguards yet.

Noticing that Sean had already seen most of the marine animals and had been playing for quite a while, Terence asked people to prepare the diving suits, intending to go for a dive with Sean.

At last, Terence fixed his eyes on Carla.

"You really don't want to join us?"

Carla shook her head. Indeed, she actually really wanted to go for a dive with them, but there were so many wild fish in the water. And as a woman who never had such an experience, whenever she got close to so many animals, she got so afraid of them.

"No. I can just take photos of you instead! Sean, remember to strike some poses under the water. I will take photos of you and get the pictures developed to paste them on the wall."

With these words, Carla greeted Sean as he was wearing the diving suit.

After Sean made a gesture informing them that he was ready, he went under the water with Terence assisting him.

Followed by Rainer, Carla went to the bottom viewing area of the aquarium to wait for them to dive under the water.

She took out the camera and tried to take a few photos of other places to properly adjust the shooting angle.

Right then, through the camera, Carla noticed a middle-aged man wearing a business suit and tie approaching her.

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