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   Chapter 41 Terence, Will You Marry My Sister

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"Of course not. I don't know what style you favor. So I buy them all for you so that you can choose whatever you like."

Terence didn't seem bothered at his declaration. He just smiled at Carla.

Carla turned to look at Terence who was waiting for her to pick. She then randomly picked one without looking at the wardrobe. After grabbing the item of clothing, she immediately went to the washroom.

The bras were all her size. She had no doubt that any one of them would fit her so she did not bother to choose.

She looked down to see which bra she had picked, and froze.

It was the one with the leopard print. "Today is not my lucky day," Carla muttered in annoyance.

After getting dressed, Carla walked out from the washroom.

She looked at herself in the mirror. The dress was simple but elegant. It fit her perfectly.

"Did it fit you?"

Terence asked. He looked her over as he was walking towards her.

"Yes, it does," Carla replied. Carla tested if the bra was too tight. Apparently, it was not.

She regretted checking the bra right after Terence asked her the question. Maybe he was talking about the dress? Maybe he was asking her if the dress fit her instead of the bra?

Then a thought came to her head. How on earth could this man know her bra size?

"I assume you've already forgotten. I helped you get dressed once. That was when I kept your size in mind. I don't have the superpower to measure your size with my bare eyes,"

Terence said with a smile. He knew exactly what Carla had been thinking. He circled around her and said "Nice dress. But there is one problem. I can still see a little bit of the one beneath it."


It was her fault to have picked up a leopard print. It was so scandalous! But it was not very noticeable. One could only see it if they criticized her whole outfit very carefully.

"That's all right. No need to change. It's not that noticeable anyway," Terence said as he grabbed Carla. She was walking towards the wardrobe again to change her clothes.

"Let's go. We will only be wasting time if I let you spend all day changing clothes."

JA City is very large. They would be spending quite a lot of time on traffic. If they didn't have the whole day, it would be hard to have any fun.

Carla had a quick breakfast. She took Sean with her and went out.

"Terence, you have such a big and cozy house! Are you some kind of billionaire?" They sat in a limo. Sean couldn't help but guess Terence's true identity.

One had to be super rich to afford such a large sea-view villa.

Terence coughed and patted Sean on th

ything he wanted free of charge in Terence's family enterprise.

At least, the card could guarantee Sean a meal and provide him with shelter one day.

Carla's temper eased as she listened to Terence's explanation. She glanced at the card and said, "But anyway, boys shouldn't stay in their comfort zone for too long. They should understand the hardship of earning money. I can't bear it if Sean became too extravagant."

"Carla, since it is already decided that I will become his brother-in-law, I must insist on sharing the responsibility of raising him with you. From my perspective, boys should be well-educated and decently-fed."

Terence blinked at Sean, and went on, "Top-level education makes top-level kids. They will advance in life as long as they dare to accept new things."

Carla was shocked to hear that from Terence. She groaned and said, "Sean and I don't have the money to afford all those things. Besides, you are not his brother-in-law yet!"

Terence snorted and leaned back on his seat. He grinned cheekily. "Still running away from it, eh?

We were destined to meet that night. You can't run away from your destiny. I will never let you run away either."

Carla gazed out of the window. All she wanted was to live a normal life with Sean, away from the harshness of the world.

It was her ultimate wish. It was the wish of both of her parents for them as well.

However, Terence's life was destined to be chaotic.

What she was choosing was not only a husband, but also a way of life. If she acted impulsively, it could result in a lifelong burden for her and Sean. She would be tied to him forever if she agreed to marry him.

Suddenly, Terence's phone suddenly broke the silence as it rang.

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