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   Chapter 40 This Is My Room

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9097

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"Rainer, can't you see that we are having dinner?"

Rainer understood instantly and nodded. "I'm sorry, for disturbing you. Sir."

He made a hasty retreat.

Once out of site, Rainer wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. 'Mr. Terence was always so considerate. How could he forget such an important thing?

The only possible explanation, for his abruptness, was that he was preoccupied with other matters, ' he thought.

Rainer just happened to walk in at the wrong moment and asked the wrong question.

That was probably the reason why Nathan didn't go, but sent him instead. How unlucky.

Carla slowly swirled the red wine in the goblet, deep in thought. Then she looked up at Terence who was sitting opposite her. "He seems to be afraid of you."

"Is that so?"

said Terence vaguely while he continued to eat.

In fact, she was the only person here who was not afraid of him.

Carla studied his face intently. But still only found him to be amiable and not intimidating at all. Besides, he genuinely was nice to people. So why would anyone be scared of him?

However, she wasn't aware, that she was the only person who did feel that way about him.

After they had finished dinner, Carla went to the bedroom to check on Sean. Seeing him sound asleep, Carla was reassured and ready to go to her room to have a rest. Then, it suddenly dawned on her, she didn't know where her room was.

'Where is my room?

Where will I be sleeping?' she thought in confusion.

"Miss Carla, this way please—"

The maid arrived right on cue. Bowing politely, she gestured to the elevator in front of them.

Carla followed the maid into the elevator, feeling relieved. When they stopped on the third floor, the maid ushered her into a ridiculously spacious and lavishly decorated "guest room". Then she left.

"Wow, it's so big!

How did I become so lucky? I just randomly saved a stranger, who just so happened to be, a mega-rich and generous guy. I'm on such a roll that I should buy a lottery ticket, which I might win,"

she murmured to herself. Carla eagerly removed her shoes and looked around the luxurious six-star rated room, awestruck.

She deliberately walked around in bare feet, savoring the feeling of soft, plush, snow-white carpet beneath her feet.


Anyone who slept in such a luxurious room would be in a good mood and

Carla was no exception. She put on the slippers provided and yawned, stretching lazily. Humming a cheerful tune, Carla began undressing.

She stripped down to her bra and panty and headed to the bathroom. On the way there, she spied a photo on the beige window sill.

It was a profile shot of Terence. Carla picked the picture up to have a closer

eep so well.

Carla slept peacefully through the whole night until the next morning.

"You're awake.

You must have slept well. I had planned to leave at nine, but it's nine-thirty now,"

said Terence, standing in front of the window as he pulled the curtains apart.

Carla yawned and squinted at the bright light coming into the room. "Where's Sean?"

"Rainer took him out."

Terence walked over to the wardrobe and opened the door. "I had someone deliver some clothes for you. Don't worry about the clothes in your suitcase at the hotel. Try these on."

Carla's jaw dropped when she saw the designer clothes. She marveled at the beautiful garments hanging up in the wall to wall closet.

"You really shouldn't have been so generous. I have already troubled you enough by staying in your house. What do you expect me to do with all of these beautiful clothes? I can't possibly accept them."

Carla tried to be polite, yet she couldn't help herself any longer. She rushed over to the closet with her bare feet. Terence had to chuckle when he saw how excited and happy she was.

He knew she was just pretending to refuse these beautiful garments.

Every woman loved clothes and accessories, and Carla was no exception. She wanted to try on these clothes!

He knew her well.

There was no need for her to pretend in front of him.

After Carla had gone through the whole wardrobe of clothes and discovered every garment was precisely her size. She then opened another closet and saw more bras and panties than she had ever owned in her life. She glanced at him and asked, "Well chosen. Are these all your favorite styles and colors?"

The styles ranged from pink lace, leopard prints, arty grids, sexy reds, and natural colors.

There was more lingerie there than in a lingerie shop!

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