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   Chapter 39 Sea View Villa

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"So? Can you promise not to come on to me?" asked Carla, looking straight into his eyes.

"I..." Terence was speechless. As he had been missing her so much, he wanted to smother her right away.

But he also didn't want to force her into doing something she didn't want to, so he felt like he had been caught between a rock and a hard place.

"Answer me. Can you promise me that?" urged Carla.

Withdrawing his hands, Terence sat back and crossed his arms. He looked into her face with interest and replied, "What if my answer is no?"

"If you can promise me not to come on to me, I'll come with you to your house now. If not, please just send me back to the hotel at once," she answered firmly. In fact, she didn't want to stay at his house at all. She was paying a visit to JA City for her own pleasure, and not so she could please him or satisfy his needs.

Terence was at a loss for words, finding himself hating her, but falling even more in love with her at the same time. Gritting his teeth, he turned his head away and replied reluctantly, "Okay."

Even though Carla didn't see his face, she could clearly imagine that it was twitching a little because of her request.

Hearing his answer, she felt relieved.

"But, you can't keep turning me down for I'm a man and I have sexual desires. I can promise you that I won't be having sex with you without your permission for now, but eventually we're going to do it, okay?" he complained. He felt a little upset that she kept rejecting him and his advances like that.

Carla chuckled at his complaint. Grabbing a bottle of orange juice from the cupholder, she settled herself comfortably back on the leather seat.

"Why do you keep pointing out that I'm treating you badly? We're not in a relationship, and I'm not looking for a one night stand. Don't you know that you'll be a rascal if you come on to me now? You should thank me for stopping you from doing something so stupid. Stop acting like it's a compromise of you."

As she spoke, she tried to twist the lid off. With all her strength, she tried to open it on her own only to fail miserably.

Letting out a gentle sigh after watching this poor little girl's attempts, Terence took the bottle from her hand and twisted the lid off for her. Handing it back to her, he stated, "Haven't I clearly expressed my feelings toward you earlier today?"

"I said it in front of my brother and your classmates. You're mine. Do you think it's not enough? What should I do to make you trust my love for you?" he whined.

'What more can I do? Tell everyone we've met that she's my girlfriend on a microphone?' he thought.

Sipping on the orange juice, she said, "They're not important to me. I don't care. But there is one thing I'm sure of. We're clearly not suitable for each other." The orange juice was so sour that she frowned.

"I've told you. I have the final say on our relationship," he declared.

His love for her was certain. Without knowing it, he had reached out his hand to her, but he paused for half a second and didn't place his hand anywhere on her body, simply resting his

are we going to eat in the dark?" Carla said, bursting his bubble.

She was telling the truth. It wasn't ideal to dine outdoor with candles.

It seemed as though that Terence had seen this coming. He didn't say a word and just snapped his fingers.

Just then, a screen slowly rolled out to cover their heads. And since the screen was transparent, they could still gaze upon the stars in the night sky.

There were short transparent curtains around the screen, which prevented the wind from blowing in, and they could still see the views through them.

Remaining silent when she saw the screen, Carla hadn't seen this kind of high-tech before.

She thought of a saying, 'It is poverty that limits the imagination.'

"Are there any other problems? If there's none, should we start eating?" he said with a gentle smile.

Responding with an awkward smile, Carla picked up the glass of lemonade on the table and took a sip. Just then, several housemaids placed the dishes on the table one by one. She began to be aware that Terence was certainly a gourmet. All the dishes were very delicate and they smelled so delicious.

She couldn't help but wonder if she would become a fatty if she lived here for a year or so. As a foodie, she thought that was something which was very likely to happen.

A moment later, Rainer walked up to Terence. He didn't really want to disturb Terence and Carla, but he had to. It was already getting late, but Terence still hadn't told him yet whether Carla would stay the night or not.

"Mr. Terence, will Ms. Carla be staying here tonight? Should I have someone prepare a room for her?" he asked in a low voice.

Terence had told him to prepare a room for Sean, but he didn't mention anything about where Carla would be staying. Rainer thought that he'd better confirm it now, so he could have her room ready as soon as possible.

Both Rainer and Carla were expecting him to say "yes".

However, Terence wasn't in such a hurry to answer. He seemed to have a plan of his own. Having a sip of red wine, he shot Rainer a glance.

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