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   Chapter 37 Mr. Rhys Versus Mr. Terence

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Carla closed her eyes. Her head throbbed because of everything that was happening.

She was about to give up and accept the abuse that Ruth was aiming at her.

However, the door of the private room was suddenly opened by someone.

She was surprised when the door was violently kicked open from the outside.

When Ruth heard the sudden loud noise, her hands that were holding the bottle of liquor and the bottle of wine shook. Unconsciously, she let go of the bottles to look at the door. A man just entered the room.

At first she thought that he was one of Rhys' men. She took a closer look at the man and was surprised to discover that he was oozing with power and confidence.

Noticing him having such a strong aura, she found it hard to believe that he was just one of Rhys' men.

'Who the hell is he?' she thought.

Rhys heard the commotion and frowned. He glanced at the door angrily. "How dare you... Terence?" he said shocked.

He was stunned to see Terence, his younger brother. He hadn't seen him for a long time.

He then smiled and walked up to Terence. "Terence, why did you come here without informing me in advance?" he asked confused.

When Terence entered the room, he immediately fixated his eyes on Carla. He saw that two bodyguards were holding her shoulders down. However, he appeared calm. There was no sign of annoyance in his eyes.

"Rhys, please ask your men to release my woman. If they don't release her right now, I will break their arms,"

Terence said in a deep, calm voice.

Even though he sounded calm, there was no mistaking the threat in his words.

"What..." Rhys said stunned. He looked over at Carla and noticed that Terence was staring at her intently. He immediately realized what Terence meant. He was about to order his men to release Carla but it was too late.

Two men entered the room. One was tall, thin and dark-skinned while the other was tall, thin and white-skinned. The two men looked identical. If it weren't because of their different skin color, people would find it difficult to tell them apart.

The two men took action quickly. Everyone in the room heard the crack of breaking bones.

The bodyguards that were holding Carla found their arms broken and removed from her shoulders.

Everyone was shocked to hear the helpless and miserable screams of the two bodyguards.

"Terence, don't be angry. It's all my fault. I don't know her relationship with you. I'm so sorry. We're family, so please forgive me this time. I promise I won't let such a thing happen again," said

day was the same.

She couldn't believe that Rhys left her. How could he be so ruthless?

Inside the luxurious VIP private room, everyone knew things had gone out of control and immediately said their goodbyes to Carla.

"Carla, I need to go now. I have to do something important. I'm leaving first..."

"I need to go too. My mother is waiting for me..."

"I left my dog alone at home. I have to feed him now..."

"I also need to leave now..."

Those who kissed up to Ruth before were starting to leave one by one.

"Ruth, I warned you earlier that you shouldn't be so cruel to others. Now you have to pay for what you have done!" Violet said. She walked up to Ruth and patted her gently on the face.

She got annoyed earlier when Ruth ignored her greeting. Seeing Ruth so upset and helpless now gave her so much happiness.

She turned to Carla and said, "Carla, what do you want to do with her? If you can't think of anything, I will gladly punish her for you."

Carla finally calmed down. Because of everything that happened to her today, she now believed that JA City was a very dangerous place where everyone was bound to get in trouble.

"You don't have to hold back your anger. You can get back at her if you want. Don't be afraid. I'm right by your side," Terence said encouragingly.

Carla drew Sean aside without a word and turned around to pick up the bottle of wine and the bottle of liquor that Ruth intended to pour on her. When she was satisfied, she walked towards Ruth.

She stood in front of Ruth and raised her hands.

"Ruth, there is a saying that you should be lenient whenever it is possible!"

She said and dropped the two bottles

with a loud bang.

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