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   Chapter 36 Brouhaha at The Party

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Violet tried to rebut, but the words got stuck in her throat as it suddenly hit her that she needed to make a living in JA City after all. If she offended Ruth, she was going to have a tough time.

"Carla, I want Terence. If he's here, they would not be able to treat us like that,"

whimpered Sean.

Carla instantly snuggled her little brother, giving him a pat on the back, saying, "Don't worry, Sean. You've got me right here. I can protect you. We don't need anyone's help."

Carla stood up after she said those words, letting go of Sean.

"Ruth, apologize to me and my brother now! This is an opportunity to offer you a way to step down."

The other party-goers got frozen in place, their jaw dropped open. They couldn't believe what they just heard, and burst into laughter when they came to their senses.

"Oh, boy. You're really funny! Ruth, did you hear what she just said?

"She asked you to apologize to her and the poor little boy. This is so hilarious!"

Ruth also chuckled after hearing Carla say those words. Glancing over at Carla, she replied with a cold sneer on her lips, "Carla, I will offer you an opportunity as well. Apologize to me! Right now and in front of everyone! Admit that what you said just now is bullshit. Then I will consider forgiving you. What do you say?"

"Yeah, you need to know your place! Ruth is being so kind as to give you a chance to apologize. You have no idea what could've happened if it were others."

While Ruth was still wearing a smirk, a glass of red wine was suddenly thrown into her face.

The glistening scarlet fluid dripped over her face into her pink-white Channel dress. The wine stain was so conspicuous and easy to spot!

"Ahhh!" Ruth screamed. Rushing toward Carla, Ruth tried to reach her and slap in her face.

Quickly taking one step backward, Carla was able to dodge her hand and get around her. She deftly took up another glass of red wine on the desk and spilled it on Ruth's back this time.

"Ruth, your dress was not pretty enough. I just added some color onto it."

Carla gazed upon her pink-red dress, nodding in her satisfaction, feeling quite amused.

"You look gorgeous in it now. Red and black, just like the heartless person that you are."

Feeling cold

a nurse, so she knew some basic medical theory. A small quantity of liquor was good for fever, but it would be quite dangerous to pour a lot on a person, especially someone with an open wound.

"Violet, who do you think you are? How dare you tell me what to do? Shut the fuck up! Or else, I'll give you a liquor shower too."

Ruth stared at Violet grimly.

Carla was looking quite pale. Smiling at Violet, she sincerely said, "Thank you, Violet. I appreciate it! Just leave me alone. I'll be fine."

She should've held herself back a little more. If she did, things might not have been this worse.

'Why didn't I just bear with it? Why did I have to break out?' she asked herself.

But involving Sean in their argue was the last straw. As his sister, she couldn't stand someone insulting him right in front of her.

Within a few moments, a big box of strong liquor was sent to the room by Rhys's bodyguards.

Ruth went over with a sneer, making them open every single bottle. All of a sudden, the room was fumigated with the smell of alcohol. The more uncomfortable people felt, the more wildly Ruth laughed.

"Hold her tight and open her mouth now!"

said Ruth. She walked toward Carla, with one hand holding red wine, the other liquor. As she was laughing, she said, "Don't waste them. It would be more fun to drink and soak them all, isn't it, Carla?"

She was preparing to pour the two bottles on her head while speaking.

The liquor and wine were just about to flow down along...

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